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Regional Coordinator for North Wales - East

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 17 Nov 2016

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Welcome to Norma Mollard as our Regional Coordinator for North Wales - East! Norma is on the Messy Church team at St Matthew's Church, Buckley in Flintshire. She is retired, but more than busy looking after her animals and enjoying her voluntary work. Norma cares for a new puppy, a cat, hens, a tortoise and more. Norma is also an organist and has been fully engaged in her local church life.

Norma is looking forward to supporting and praying for the Messy Churches in North Wales - East, bordering with Cheshire and Staffordshire. Indeed, we have had three new registrations in this region since Norma agreed to take on the role! 

You can find your Messy Church Regional Coordinator on our website. Please contact Jane Leadbetter for any information about this valuable role jane.leadbetter@brf.org.uk