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Regional Coordinator for Sheffield

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 06 Aug 2018

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Welcome to Suzanne Morton, Messy Church Regional Coordinator for Sheffield! We have been waiting to fill this gap for a very long time so we are delighted that Suzanne has decided to join the network.

Suzanne says, 'Hi! I work full-time as a COW (Community Outreach Worker) at Greenhill Methodist Church in Sheffield. I have been involved in running Messy Church for five years and I have been involved in community and children's work for many more years. I have a passion for those in their Third Age and believe God has a lot in store for them. I recently completed a BA dissertation on the role of Third Age volunteers in Messy Church. I am now studying for an MA in mission with specialisms in pioneer and Fresh Expressions ministries, disability and mission, and bereavement and mission. I look forward to supporting and praying for the Messy Churches in Sheffield.'

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