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Remembering the teenage in the all-age!

Posted by James Pegg on 25 Feb 2015

It has been great to visit Messy Churches up and down the country and get a feel for what God is doing through Messy Church. Great things are happening and I am sure there are greater things to come! Some of these great things include what is going with the teenagers who are involved with Messy Churches. I have heard testimonies from young people who say that Messy Church is giving them the chance to share their faith with others. Messy Church is giving young people the chance to evangelise and draw people into a deeper faith in God. How fantastic is that?

However, there are still challenges. Some Messy Churches forget that Messy Church is for every one of all ages. Messy Church isn’t just a children’s ministry! It is an all age ministry where children, toddlers, pensioners, adults, teenagers and all the ages in between can come together and meet with God. If Messy Church is church then we cannot afford to not provide something to spiritually challenge every individual who comes to meet with God. So in the same way, Messy Church should not forget to have something for the teenagers!

Can a Messy Church really call itself all age when it doesn’t aim to engage teenagers?

Are you looking to engage every age group in Messy Church?

If you are interested in this subject of teenagers or the value of being all age in Messy Church then please get in touch. You can contact me on twitter- @MessyChurchTeen or you can email me- james.pegg@brf.org.uk. I will look forward to hearing from you!