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Posted by Lucy Moore on 13 Nov 2009

Just a quick note on how the research into Messy Church is panning out. As you know, we very much want to reflect on all that's happening in Messy Church so that we practitioners and the Church as a whole learn from it, have solid cause for rejoicing, can discern helpful ways forward and generally continue to grow the kingdom in wonderful ways.

Research is horribly expensive to have done by someone who knows what they're doing, and we're really blessed to be able to work with Ripon College, Cuddesdon in Oxford, and to get the very first stages of research into a Messy Church in London off the ground. Helen Cameron from Cuddesdon and I met with a curate in London who is keen to carry out this research with her Messy Church, and it looks as though it might actually happen! The great thing is not only that we discover useful things about what's going on, but that he people in that church get the chance to do some theological reflection of their own. Whoop.

The other form of research which we would like to pursue is working with Cuddesdon again and with the Church Urban Fund to find out what's happening in a Messy Church in a more deprived area. So far, all the Messy Churches who have kindly volunteered themselves have turned out to be too undeprived, much to their surprise in some cases! So if you run or know of a Messy Church in a deprived area who would be happy to consider having some research done, do let me know! I would be so miserable if I thought that all our mess was happening in Terribly Naice Places: is it? Drop me an email!