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Running after God

Posted by Lucy Moore on 28 Nov 2007

Things move on so fast! Suddenly we have new possibilities opening up for building our Messy Community.

The deanery has funds, made available by the loss of a vicar in one of the parishes, and the money can go to a Kairos project - in brief, something outreach-y, like Messy Church.

I suddenly realized this money was up for grabs but that any project needed PCC approval and Deanery Synod approval. PCC meets every eight weeks and Deanery Synod every quarter or so, and it just so happened that PCC was the next day and Deanery Synod was in three days' time.

If we were to get anything happening in the next three months, we needed to act straight away. How do you consult with the team in that time frame as well as do a job and make a saxophone cake for the birthday of one's firstborn?

I downloaded the forms, filled them in and sent them off to the various Authorizing Bodies. And lo! Against all the odds, the idea was approved and if the Diocese Kairos Group agrees, we might have the money soon. If it comes through, I'll describe what we want to do with it. If it doesn't, we'll have to rethink...