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Team and celebration: can you help?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 12 Nov 2012

A couple of queries from Narelle in Australia. Any help for her from your experience?

We have been running Messy Church once a month for nearly a year now.

And have seen it grown.

Each time, we evaluate it and try to work out how we can do it better.

As a leader one frustration I have is this: we have a great planning team of about 3-4 of us, then we invite others in the church to help run the activity stations and give them a full detailed letting of Bible background, activity, what to discuss etc. around the table. But many come and have not pre-read the Bible background or letter and just show up for when on roster. How can we get better buy-in ownership of those who want to help in this area?

My other query is to do with the Celebration time, which we need to work on more. How can we get all involved better? Often the adults and older folk sit back and think that this is for the kids instead of all-age involvement.