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Teenagers at Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 22 Jun 2011

As part of BRF's commitment to developing discipleship of people who belong to Messy Churches, we're delighted to announce an exciting day for teenagers in association with the Methodist Church:

Are you a young helper at Messy Church? Would you like to help Messy Churches internationally to be better at welcoming teenagers?

A day for teenagers who help at Messy Churches across the UK and their accompanying adults

Messy Church is a great place for young people to start learning leadership skills and skills for mission and outreach to the families who belong to Messy Church. How can Messy Churches listen to their young people and make the most of the gifts they bring? How can young people give to and take from Messy Church? How can our churches make the most of the gift of the willing presence of young people at Messy Church?

The Methodist Church and BRF's Messy Church Team are co-hosting an exciting day for young people who are or will soon be in leadership roles in Messy Church (helping on the craft team, or leading the celebration, for example). Designed to give young people the skills to share their ideas and opinions and to give church leaders the skills to listen to this age group effectively, as well as to draw together the ideas of young and older people as to how Messy Church can meet their needs more effectively, this is a day on participation techniques very much focused on the Messy Church context. It is open to people from all denominations, not just Methodism.

The day will

  • Empower young people to have a voice in the shaping of their Messy Church locally and nationally
  • Communicate to leaders how they might empower and engage young people in their own church
  • Encourage all participants to take seriously the all-age nature of Messy Church
  • Help Messy Churches reach young people more effectively

The day will be fun and very participative with a minimum of 'sitting and listening' and a maximum of 'doing and talking'. There will be input into the theory of all-age participation and into the way Messy Church works intergenerationally. There will be workshops to enable and empower young people to share ideas and adults to facilitate this sharing in their own church setting. And there will be an opportunity to share thoughts on the role and potential of young people within Messy Church.

The day is aimed at young people between the ages of 11 and 18 with accompanying adults. If you are above this age and would like to attend, please find a young person to bring with you. To keep the balance of voices, we request that no adults come on their own.

Date: 21 January 2012

Time: 11.00-16.00

Cost: £5 for under 18's and 18-year-olds and £10 for over 18's and includes lunch. (It is hoped that your church, district or diocese will support you financially.)

Venue: Methodist Church House in central London