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Using Facebook for publicity

Posted by Lucy Moore on 07 Mar 2018

A lovely email with some great tips on using Facebook for publicity. Thank you Jonathan Davie of Hamilton Baptist Church in Scotland.

Hi Lucy, I'm Jonathan, the big lad you spoke to at Deep Impact, about to launch a Messy Church! I promised to let you know how we got on.

We had an incredible afternoon with 151 people attending, 117 of whom are currently not attending the church. It really was amazing to have so many families having fun, and learning the truth about how God views family together. All our feedback has been amazingly positive and we're already seeing two families starting to attend the church and seek deeper.

A couple of bits of advice that might be useful to pass on to other groups starting. Make a Facebook video! We made our video and paid £11 to have it advertised. It took ten minutes to make and it was viewed 2,200 times. I added a 'How did you hear about Messy Church?' box to the registration form and 27 people joined because of Facebook. That's a great encouragement, so it's well worth spending some time on the social media presence. The other bit would be, always have 'too many' people in the team if possible. We had a team of 35 people, which seemed crazy, but in the end every person was hugely needed!

We're really excited about the future, and so many of all generations in the church feel this is an amazing opportunity and are excited by it. So once again, thank you!

We also made the local and national newspaper, as you can see here