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Wet in Wales

Posted by Lucy Moore on 22 Nov 2009

It was a little disconcerting to drive in the gloaming of early Friday evening past signs directing me to 'Angora Goats' and 'Sheep Pens' and warning me to 'Beware of the Bulls', but despite these hazards, I arrived safely at the B&B on the Royal Welsh Showground to meet Kay and Pauline who had organised a Fiesta for the following day.

The weather wasn't on our side and a group of people who were signed up to come from North Wales couldn't make it because of the standing water on the roads, but a good 30 or so managed to make it through the rain (and past the bull enclosures), and we had a bright and breezy time, as always at Fiestas.

There's so much going on with the children's scene in Wales and people shared stories of their Messy Churches and other children's groups, including one church which organises an occasional Messy Day: one theme was water and they must have got messier than we ever aspire to, with jelly baths and water slides galore.

There was one penny-dropping moment, when a vicar took me on one side and said, 'So... Messy Church is church, then?'