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When will there be 1000 Messy Churches?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 15 Nov 2011

So we've got over 900 Messy Churches registered on the Messy Church website Directory, which is phenomenal, and thanks to all those teams who have taken the trouble to fill in the online form. Being on the Directory helps families find a local Messy Church; it helps churches who want to visit a local one to know where they exist, and it helps us at BRF to be in a position to talk a little more knowledgably about what God is doing through Messy Churches.

It won't be long before we hit 1000! If you haven't yet signed up, your Messy Church might be the thousandth! Wherever you are in the world, why not fill in the form today and stand up and be counted! We won't be demanding money, registration fees or signatures in blood or guarantees of neat and tidy behaviour, and you might be in the wacky position of being able to say 'We are the 1000th ever Messy Church!' I'm hoping to visit whoever it is, if you'll have me, to cheer you on, so Messy Churches in Bermuda, California, the Maldives or atmospheric islands off the West Coast of Scotland are particularly encouraged to sign up. Wherever you are, we're delighted you're part of the Messy Family, so fill in the quick 'n' easy form today.