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Facebook Live from Johannah Myers on Stones of Help

Posted by Lucy Moore on 11 Jun 2020

Johannah Myers, from South Carolina USA, led the Facebook Live on 10 June 2020. She writes: I’m in a part of the world where things are opening back up – including churches. In fact, we’re planning to start back with in-person worship this week. It’s very scary. And it’s very different! One of the changes that will be hardest for many of us is that we won’t be singing together any time soon. I’m not sure if I know how to be Methodist if I can’t sing!

Facebook Live from WA on banquet etiquette!

Posted by Lucy Moore on 10 Jun 2020

Greg Ross, Regional Coordinator and minister in Western Australia shared his thoughts on Facebook Live on June 10 2020. Here are his notes from the morning (his evening!) 

Questions from the threshold #2

Posted by Lucy Moore on 04 Jun 2020

Here are some of the responses from the network to questions raised on Facebook Live and in the previous blog post: Some of the comments from Facebook in response We have much to offer through Messy Church and I believe we will be needed even more in the future and look forward to what God has already prepared for us. Perhaps there are multiple answers rather than one 'right' answer… I do not think there is a one size fits all. Our unchurched families miss meeting and this fills the gap for them.

Messy questions on the threshold

Posted by Lucy Moore on 04 Jun 2020

A summary of the Facebook Lives on 3 June 2020: Acts 3:1-10

Celebration! Facebook Live thoughts from May 2020

Posted by Lucy Moore on 01 Jun 2020

Celebration: we all know the wonderful Kool and the Gang song of the same name! Celebration as a value for Messy Church came about because of wanting to dissociate the word ‘church’ from the word ‘boring’. Jesus spent so much time at parties and festivals – it’s amazing he got any carpentry or preaching done.

God who notices

Posted by Lucy Moore on 01 Jun 2020

Charis Lambert writes: Last week a small group of Messy leaders spent a quiet morning (remotely) thinking about God noticing through the stories of Hannah, Samuel and David. In reading each story we asked five questions: Who wanted to be noticed? Who was avoiding notice? Who needed to be made to notice? Who noticed the wrong things? Who was noticed and how did that make them feel? This led us to thinking about ourselves - how good are we at noticing? And also do we like/want/need to be noticed?

Hospitality in Messy Church during the lockdown - Facebook Live

Posted by Lucy Moore on 15 May 2020

Charis Lambert writes after her Facebook Lives on May 14 2020: When I google Messy Church, it comes up with the tagline: ‘Messy Church - church, but not as you know it.’

Exploring Messy Values - All-age

Posted by Lucy Moore on 07 May 2020

How do we demonstrate all-togetherness when we are all-apart? Summary of the Facebook Live with Martyn Payne, 6 May 2020

Creativity and double-jointed boats

Posted by Lucy Moore on 30 Apr 2020

True creativity, I feel rather ruefully, would find a way to make an origami boat successfully on screen without needing to be double-jointed and cross-eyed. As we mused on our creations – made to a pattern, made by following instructions, we pondered the age-old question – what is creativity? Simply making something? Or does it require some element of newness, adaptability, imagination, uniqueness?

Everybody Welcome Online

Posted by Lucy Moore on 24 Apr 2020

Bob Jackson and George Fisher have long been enthusiastic supporters of Messy Church in their missional roles for the Church. Bob helps run a thriving Messy Church in Eyam in Derbyshire. This helpful document includes reflections about online Messy Church as well as other very useful ideas and tips about online church more generally. Please share if you find it helpful. Everybody Welcome Online