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Messy hindsight

Posted by Lucy Moore on 06 Aug 2020

Dave Martin writes: I’m sitting here, drinking tea, pondering God’s movements and wondering how he is shaping Messy Churches around the world in the midst of the coronavirus. Sometimes it’s hard to see where God is during particular moments in our lives, isn’t it? Especially when we’re going through difficult times, like a pandemic.

Messy Jane Facebook Live Wed 14 July - Keeping Connected Part 2

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 22 Jul 2020

Messy Jane continued with Part 2 of Keeping Connected on Wednesday 14 July Facebook Live. She says: Last week I talked about my furlough experience and feeling disconnected. I have since heard from folk expressing how overconnected they are! Going online; helping others to go online; invite those that are not online to join their online sessions; hand posting session envelopes &/or Messy Church Bags, constantly resourcing for ideas and materials; texting and emailing...

Messy Jane on Facebook Live Wed 07 July - Keeping Connected Part 1

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 22 Jul 2020

Jane Leadbetter, Messy Church BRF team member, led the Messy Facebook Live! On Wednesday 7 July. Messy Jane is back from furlough. She has been feeling disconnected and is so pleased to be back among the Messy Church family. Jane says: I have been constantly drawn to the following Bible verse: Acts 2:42-47

New Messy Church Regional Coordinator South Australia-Northern Territory

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 20 Jul 2020

Welcome Jeanette Mann, new Regional Coordinator for South Australia - Northern Territory.

Facebook Live summarising the start of the listening process

Posted by Lucy Moore on 02 Jul 2020

Facebook Live notes for 1 July 2020 Hooray, Jane is back from furlough today!!!! Hooray, Richard has been given an award from the Archbishop of Canterbury!!!! I’ve been very conscious of your huge wave of support for me personally : much appreciated while I’ve been without Jane and Dave. I’ve not experienced a feeling of isolation, but instead a sense of hope.

What do we make of ‘the silence of God’?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 29 Jun 2020

Martyn Payne writes: God’s silence was the focus for our Messy Church distanced quiet morning recently. Each of us involved found ourselves prayerfully exploring different aspects to this topic. But surely God is never silent? God is always speaking to us, it’s just that we’re not listening or maybe have forgotten how to listen. And anyway, why would God need to keep on talking? Surely God has already spoken clearly through scripture, through creation and most powerfully ‘in these last days through Christ’ (Hebrews 1:1-2).

Kathy Bland - Rural Messy Juggling

Posted by Lucy Moore on 24 Jun 2020

Kathy Bland, Regional Coordinator in Herefordshire and Social Action Coordinator, led the Facebook Lives on 17 June 2020 with oranges, David her husband, and Jonathan their son. Her notes from the hugely fun sessions: We’re juggling all the time, juggling different roles, house, church and work things, fitting in making videos and organising the food bank too. Our juggler friend, Thomas Trilby, reminded us yesterday of his friend Jim who said nothing useful gets done without juggling. Nothing useful gets done without keeping more than one ball in the air. And it’s hard.

Facebook Live from Johannah Myers on Stones of Help

Posted by Lucy Moore on 11 Jun 2020

Johannah Myers, from South Carolina USA, led the Facebook Live on 10 June 2020. She writes: I’m in a part of the world where things are opening back up – including churches. In fact, we’re planning to start back with in-person worship this week. It’s very scary. And it’s very different! One of the changes that will be hardest for many of us is that we won’t be singing together any time soon. I’m not sure if I know how to be Methodist if I can’t sing!

Facebook Live from WA on banquet etiquette!

Posted by Lucy Moore on 10 Jun 2020

Greg Ross, Regional Coordinator and minister in Western Australia shared his thoughts on Facebook Live on June 10 2020. Here are his notes from the morning (his evening!) 

Questions from the threshold #2

Posted by Lucy Moore on 04 Jun 2020

Here are some of the responses from the network to questions raised on Facebook Live and in the previous blog post: Some of the comments from Facebook in response We have much to offer through Messy Church and I believe we will be needed even more in the future and look forward to what God has already prepared for us. Perhaps there are multiple answers rather than one 'right' answer… I do not think there is a one size fits all. Our unchurched families miss meeting and this fills the gap for them.