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Quiet Days at a distance: Creativity in words

Posted by Lucy Moore on 27 Sep 2019

Following on from the most recent blog on creativity and Ephesians 2:10, here are the word-based responses from the morning.

Quiet Days at a distance

Posted by Lucy Moore on 27 Sep 2019

It's a busy time in BRF's Messy Church this year. Correction: it's been a busy time in Messy Church since approximately 2008. And the danger we've always been aware of is that in all the busyness and 'doing', we somehow manage to stop having time for the person behind it all. We stop listening, noticing, being grateful or learning from experience and turn into a machine that churns out product. When we want to be a household the enjoys spending time with the head of the house and becoming more like that head in our attitudes and actions.

God's Word for Messy People

Posted by Lucy Moore on 26 Sep 2019

I wrote this book trying to be as honest and grounded as I could. I expect some people will disapprove of me admitting to sometimes feeling ‘meh’ when Jesus is mentioned. It's not a feeling I’m proud of, but it’s important not to pretend to each other that we all live on some super-spiritual plane where we feel all the ‘right’ feelings. And sometimes I do get a bit fed up with the same concepts, clichés, stories I’ve heard a thousand times.

Regional Coordinator for Pennsylvania USA

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 19 Sep 2019

Welcome Revd Dr A. Michele Somerville as Regional Coordinator for Pennsylvania USA. Michele has served with the UMC for over 20 years. Her second career as a pastor has brought her much joy and, even when she retired in 2018, she continued to work part-time serving two churches. When first introduced to Messy Church, she began Messy Church East Canton United Methodist in November 2018.

Regional Coordinator for Central Texas and Oklahoma

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 19 Sep 2019

Welcome Jenna Reinke as new Regional Coordinator for Central Texas and Oklahoma! Jenna joins Kate Cross, Regional Coordinator for Gulf Coast Texas, and between them they endeavour to support this very big state. Jenna coordinates a Messy Church at Crowley United Methodist Church, where she serves as the Youth and Family Ministries Director and has recently started three Fresh Expressions of ministry.

Regional Coordinator for Lancashire West

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 19 Sep 2019

Welcome Revd Mary Ashton as Regional Coordinator for Lancashire West. Mary has recently moved from East Lancashire, where she was an associate priest in Euxton.

Regional Coordinator for the New Forest, Hampshire

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 18 Sep 2019

Welcome Viv Binns as Messy Church Regional Coordinator for the New Forest in Hampshire!

Regional Coordinator for London North East

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 28 Aug 2019

We are delighted that Martyn Payne has agreed to become Messy Church Regional Coordinator for London North East! Martyn retired from the BRF Messy Church team at the end of 2017. Since then he has carried on being Messy, particularly through the leadership of his Messy Church in east London, as well as taking local services of all-age worship and writing for BRF. He enjoys running and walks in the countryside. Earlier this year he led an all-age Tearfund team on placement in Bangladesh for three months and most recently went over to work with refugees in Calais.

Regional Coordinator for West Sussex

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 27 Aug 2019

Welcome Elaine Lambie, new Regional Coordinator for West Sussex. Elaine resides near Horsham and looks forward to supporting the many Messy Churches in this county.

How toilets can change the world

Posted by Anonymous on 18 Aug 2019

If you’re at a festival or camping this summer, you might just miss a few creature comforts – including your toilet. It’s easy to take our smallest room for granted – until we’re caught short or forced to make do with… more modest arrangements. It’s good to remember how blessed we are to have essentials such as clean water on tap and safe toilets.