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Northern Ireland

Posted by Lucy Moore on 27 Jun 2011

OK, think uninhibited welcome and hospitality: that's what I got from the people of Bangor and surroundings when I sallied forth at the weekend to lead a Fiesta there. Kevin Metcalfe of the Church Army had done a fantastic job of publicising the event and we had about 70 people present from the Church of Ireland and the Methodist Church and possibly the Presbyterian Church, but by the end of the day I was so confused about denominations and politics and not making any jokes about drink that there could have been another 15 denominations represented and I wouldn't have noticed.

Jane the plunger

Posted by Lucy Moore on 27 Jun 2011

Many of you know Jane Leadbetter, my esteemed colleague. But what you won't know is that someone rang her after a recent event she ran to wax lyrical about the way Jane had changed the way she thought about what church is all about and how she suddenly realised that the rather elderly priest in their parish, a wonderful man, was treated as the only person to be allowed or expected to do anything.

Messy Merchandise

Posted by Lucy Moore on 27 Jun 2011

Several people have contacted me recently asking for branded stuff with the Messy logo on. We don't stock many non-book items at BRF itself for lots of reasons that I won't bore you with, but if you would like to order things from the companies below that we know and love and trust and who have an agreement with us to give BRF's Messy Church a percentage of their sales of Messy things, everybody will be a winner.

Teenagers at Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 22 Jun 2011

As part of BRF's commitment to developing discipleship of people who belong to Messy Churches, we're delighted to announce an exciting day for teenagers in association with the Methodist Church: Are you a young helper at Messy Church? Would you like to help Messy Churches internationally to be better at welcoming teenagers? A day for teenagers who help at Messy Churches across the UK and their accompanying adults

Discipleship input

Posted by Lucy Moore on 08 Jun 2011

More ideas for Messy discipleship, published resources from Jo Gill, a Messy Church leader, and Paul Griffiths, a missioner, author and evangelist. Jo Gill writes: 'It was good to see you and Messy Church at the Big Church Day out!

Grenada Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 22 May 2011

We LOVE being part of a global network through Messy Church and one of our most recent interesting additions has been the branch in Grenada. Yes, Grenada! I have just looked it up in my atlas and it is in a very exciting place. Janet in Cornwall has already decided that twinning her Messy Church with the one in Grenada is an excellent idea and is busy buying sun oil and booking her flights as we speak...

Sweaty Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 19 May 2011

Have a look at one church's way of being church in a different way, especially with boys in mind (though obviously not exclusively for boys). Sweaty Church is a response to local needs and local gifts in the church and is about God and sport and activity: 'Sweaty Church is a monthly Sunday afternoon service designed for busy and active families. Using both the inside of the church and the adjacent outdoor field, we create an energetic active learning environment aimed at children aged 7-11, their siblings and parents.

Discipleship latest

Posted by Lucy Moore on 11 May 2011

Our thoughts on discipleship continue. Here is the summing-up that I wrote after recent discussions with people wiser than I am. By no means the end of the story but another step on it. We are coming to see that discipleship in the Messy Church context is about some of the following:

Bishops and liturgy

Posted by Lucy Moore on 05 May 2011

Can any Anglicans help? I'm compiling data about Anglican liturgy in Messy Church and would be very grateful to hear of any examples of bishops who have used Common Worship in a Messy Church context: baptism, confirmation or communion in particular.

Messy Maundy

Posted by Lucy Moore on 25 Apr 2011

Ho hum, what an interesting time we had of it at Messy Church on Maundy Thursday. Planning was a nightmare: it was the first week of the school holidays - would anyone come? We decided they might, but in smaller numbers. First mistake. We had about a third as many again as our usual numbers - lots of parents who can't usually come because of work, so had thought 'carpe diem' during the holidays for a break and some adult company and free activities and perhaps, just perhaps, to remember with their children that there's more to Easter than chocolate.