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Useful song

Posted by Lucy Moore on 06 Jan 2011

One of my adventures back in December was to be invited to the Charity Events Evening held by AFD on the Isle of Man. AFD is the company behind the renowned storytelling resource Friends and Heroes. I spent a brilliant evening meeting some very wonderful people and being inspired by the different charities represented, then had an evenful journey back as the snow meant all flights were cancelled.

Happy New Year!

Posted by Lucy Moore on 06 Jan 2011

Hope 2011 is a corker for you and your Messy Churches!

Children's University (TM)

Posted by Lucy Moore on 02 Dec 2010

As a way of making Messy Church available to families who might not otherwise have thought about it or heard of it, you could look into having your Messy Church validated for the Children's University (TM) scheme that is running across the country. Full details can be found on their website

What is church?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 27 Nov 2010

A really thoughtful blog by Rachel Marszalek on Messy Church and whether or not it's church and what is church anyway is here and Will Coulson has also recently explored the same question here.

Discipleship - can you help us?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 27 Nov 2010

In March 2011 we're holding a consultation on Messy Discipleship and we need your help. We'd like to hear what strategies you have put in place to try to grow discipleship among your messy families and what the results have been - stories of failure are even more helpful than success stories.

Discipleship - NZ thoughts

Posted by Lucy Moore on 26 Nov 2010

There are some interesting discussions going on about discipleship all over the world. Andrew Smith from New Zealand recommends a good book and has some good thoughts: This is Andrew, chaplain to messy NZ ! 'I've just completed a quick read of George Lings' 'Encounters on the Edge', no 46 Messy Church: Ideal for all ages? ... A very positive critique, I feel. George draws out the challenge of messy discipleship very fairly and squarely.

The Big Silence

Posted by Lucy Moore on 02 Nov 2010

A Messy Church leader near Swansea made this imaginative suggestion for those teams looking for ways to connect life and TV outside Messy Church with God-talk within it: Don't know if you're aware of the programme The Big Silence which is being broadcast on BBC2 in the UK on Fridays at 7pm. Also on BBC2 Wales 7pm. Note also available on iPlayer.

Discipleship develops....

Posted by Lucy Moore on 29 Oct 2010

As you know, we're pondering what Messy discipleship is all about, if indeed there is such an animal. The best thing is getting stories like this one from Jo Birkby in Knaphill to throw into the melting pot. To me it says something about steps towards discipleship - they can mean sensitively and imaginatively responding to a lead from your own messy congregation and to a prod from God. This could be different for every Messy Church. Jo emails:

Discipleship ponderings continue

Posted by Lucy Moore on 29 Oct 2010

Last week I had a bit of a quiet day to reflect on discipleship in the messy context. This is what I shared with Jane and the rest of the BRF Messy Church team. As ever, work in progress rather than definitive answers:

Are you the 500th?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 22 Oct 2010

We now have 489 Messy Churches on the Directory! This is phenomenal, even to those of us, who, like me, are innumerate and find it hard to picture so many ('If all the Messy Churches were together in one room, they would be as messy as....') It could be you! Sign up now! If you've been procrastinating, don't delay!