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Who Let the Dads Out?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 11 Mar 2011

Jane's L19:Messy Church has recently started a Who Let the Dads Out? initiative - a drop-in bacon butty morning for dads and children on a Saturday. It's going well, and our friends at WLTDO? have told us they have a few small grants of £100 to help start up a WLTDO? group, and have sent us information for a Mothering Sunday idea that other Messy Church leaders might like to pick up on. Here's what Dirk sent:

All age or age limits?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 11 Mar 2011

One of our regional coordinators recently wrote that she was thinking of having the words 'IT'S ALL AGE!' tattooed across her forehead as she was so fed up of explaining that Messy Church isn't a children's event. I enjoyed some recent correspondence with a Messy Church about this very subject, and it might be useful to others.

Rural stories

Posted by Lucy Moore on 08 Mar 2011

We've been asked to bring together some case studies of Messy Churches in rural contexts for a library of good practice that will be a briliant resource for rural churches across the UK. Janet in Cornwall, Anne in Co. Durham and Cerys in Lichfield have all kindly sent stories in, but I need more! Could you manage a little paragraph on your rural Messy Church to help other people in a similar situation? The fictitious paragraph below assembles all the cliches about rural church, so it's up to you to refute or confirm that it's anything like this:

Faith in Homes website

Posted by Lucy Moore on 08 Mar 2011

An excellent new website from BRF is the Faith in Homes website, run by our colleague Jane Butcher. This is a great and useful resource for Messy Church leaders on the lookout for appropriate ways of enabling families to engage with faith at home, or to provide ideas for those content-hungry Take Home sheets. Have a wander round and see the Lent and Easter ideas already there, and do drop Jane an email with your impressions.

Messy Money

Posted by Lucy Moore on 28 Feb 2011

An email came recently, describing first a phenomenal amount of publicity put into a Messy Church, then saying: 'So far, we have not brought in any money through the event and have been covering the cost from church funds, but we know we can't continue to do this for long. Do you have experience of Messy Churches going from this position to bringing in funds, and if so, what's the best way to do this?'

Rural Mess in Cornwall

Posted by Lucy Moore on 25 Feb 2011

I'm starting to collect stories from rural Messy Churches, so I asked some of our regional coordinators to send me any reflections they have on specifically rural situations. You might have some to send too: why / how is Messy Church working or not working in your country setting? What factors are specific to Messy Churches in the countryside? What are the positive as well as the negative factors at work? What ideas do you have to give the Spirit an open door? Janet Tredrea is in Cornwall and sends this story of resurrection.

New Zealand Mess

Posted by Lucy Moore on 24 Feb 2011

Please do continue to pray for the churches in New Zealand and encourage your Messy Churches to pray too. As you know, Debbie Smith is our regional coordinator and lives in Christchurch, though she and her husband Andrew are on the point of moving to a new job in Nelson. It sounds horrendous, and I wasn't even sure Debbie would have email up and running to reply to an anxious email: Hi Debbie Horrendous news from Christchurch - are you and yours OK this time? I really hope so. Do let us know if you can. Much love Lucy To my relief, she did:

International Forum report

Posted by Lucy Moore on 15 Feb 2011

Yes, I have been onlineally silent for a week or so, but in real life haven't stopped talking for the last week as it was our long-awaited International Forum at the BRF office in Abingdon. It was of course great fun and a huge privilege to spend time with four dynamic people from Canada and Australia and to discover those little things that add colour to a previously email-only relationship, an Aussie addiction to CocoPops being but one.

International Mess

Posted by Lucy Moore on 03 Feb 2011

We're delighted to be welcoming Nancy Rowe, Elizabeth Northcott, Thomas Brauer and Chris Barnett to our International Forum next week in Abingdon to hear how Messy Church is developing in Canada and Australia and explore ways forward together with BRF. Please pray for us to hear what God is trying to say to us. Here's what Sue Kalbfleisch, another Canadian Messy friend, wrote about the Messy scene in their part of Canada:

Evaluating Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 31 Jan 2011

After a stimulating morning with Messy Church leaders in Worcester on Saturday, somebody asked if there is an evaluation proforma for Messy Church. I emailed this back in return and will give it further thought in case I decide there is a less woolly answer.Or if someone gives me one!