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New Zealand Mess

Posted by Lucy Moore on 24 Feb 2011

Please do continue to pray for the churches in New Zealand and encourage your Messy Churches to pray too. As you know, Debbie Smith is our regional coordinator and lives in Christchurch, though she and her husband Andrew are on the point of moving to a new job in Nelson. It sounds horrendous, and I wasn't even sure Debbie would have email up and running to reply to an anxious email: Hi Debbie Horrendous news from Christchurch - are you and yours OK this time? I really hope so. Do let us know if you can. Much love Lucy To my relief, she did:

International Forum report

Posted by Lucy Moore on 15 Feb 2011

Yes, I have been onlineally silent for a week or so, but in real life haven't stopped talking for the last week as it was our long-awaited International Forum at the BRF office in Abingdon. It was of course great fun and a huge privilege to spend time with four dynamic people from Canada and Australia and to discover those little things that add colour to a previously email-only relationship, an Aussie addiction to CocoPops being but one.

International Mess

Posted by Lucy Moore on 03 Feb 2011

We're delighted to be welcoming Nancy Rowe, Elizabeth Northcott, Thomas Brauer and Chris Barnett to our International Forum next week in Abingdon to hear how Messy Church is developing in Canada and Australia and explore ways forward together with BRF. Please pray for us to hear what God is trying to say to us. Here's what Sue Kalbfleisch, another Canadian Messy friend, wrote about the Messy scene in their part of Canada:

Evaluating Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 31 Jan 2011

After a stimulating morning with Messy Church leaders in Worcester on Saturday, somebody asked if there is an evaluation proforma for Messy Church. I emailed this back in return and will give it further thought in case I decide there is a less woolly answer.Or if someone gives me one!


Posted by Lucy Moore on 21 Jan 2011

Messy Churches are doing such a good job all round the world and dealing with some really big Bible stories and life issues, and being there for people in really tough situations. This isn't fluffy cuddly stuff - this is life-changing. Our team dealt with the hard-hitting question of material wealth yesterday - camels through the eyes of needles, lilies of the field, buried treasure and Jesus' apparently upside-down values. What do you value most in a silent auction - 'an iPad', 'a Ben 10 humungosaur', 'a spa experience' or 'happiness', 'clean water', 'peace'?

Useful song

Posted by Lucy Moore on 06 Jan 2011

One of my adventures back in December was to be invited to the Charity Events Evening held by AFD on the Isle of Man. AFD is the company behind the renowned storytelling resource Friends and Heroes. I spent a brilliant evening meeting some very wonderful people and being inspired by the different charities represented, then had an evenful journey back as the snow meant all flights were cancelled.

Happy New Year!

Posted by Lucy Moore on 06 Jan 2011

Hope 2011 is a corker for you and your Messy Churches!

Children's University (TM)

Posted by Lucy Moore on 02 Dec 2010

As a way of making Messy Church available to families who might not otherwise have thought about it or heard of it, you could look into having your Messy Church validated for the Children's University (TM) scheme that is running across the country. Full details can be found on their website

What is church?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 27 Nov 2010

A really thoughtful blog by Rachel Marszalek on Messy Church and whether or not it's church and what is church anyway is here and Will Coulson has also recently explored the same question here.

Discipleship - can you help us?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 27 Nov 2010

In March 2011 we're holding a consultation on Messy Discipleship and we need your help. We'd like to hear what strategies you have put in place to try to grow discipleship among your messy families and what the results have been - stories of failure are even more helpful than success stories.