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Canada Diary - Part 7

Posted by Lucy Moore on 24 Jun 2010

A travelling day - actually a good opportunity to sit in the airport, drink coffee (I am now a Tim Horton addict) and catch up on emails and Skype while I waited between planes to take me from Kamloops to Vancouver and Vancouver to Edmonton. Good to have a break as once I got to Edmonton it was all systems go at the diocesan clergy conference. Sarah, the bishop's assistant, met me and drove me the hour or so to the Star of the North Centre, apologising all the way for the lack of air conditioning in the car.

Canada Diary - Part 6

Posted by Lucy Moore on 23 Jun 2010

I am learning so much about hospitality, with the generosity and unfussedness of the people here. I stayed with Bishop Barbara Andrews for my time in Kamloops and while my experience of bishops is small, I found it hard to remember she is bishop over a huge area and many people as she is so unassuming, down to earth and 'ordinary', like a wise aunt you want to sit round the kitchen table with and soak up her wisdom. I am hugely impressed. Why don't we have women bishops? Why is it such a big deal? We are missing out on so much.

Canada Diary - Part 5

Posted by Lucy Moore on 22 Jun 2010

Breakfast at the airport (bagel in case you were curious- they do stick to your teeth) and over the snowcapped mountains to Kamloops. It’s a desert environment after the rainforest of Vancouver - not as in cacti, cowboys and tumbleweed but as in arid mountain slopes dropping down sheer to clear lakes - there is so much water and it doesn’t give any sustenance to the bare slopes above it, which feels horribly parabolic: the parable of the sower but Jesus doesn’t mention ground where there is no earth at all.

Canada Diary - Part 4

Posted by Lucy Moore on 21 Jun 2010

A day off! The messiest I got was talking about strategy over coffee with Elizabeth in Vancouver's market on an island... can't remember the name... so many islands, creeks and inlets. A while to grab some presents for folks back home and a drive round Stanley Park (where there are no bears - must be the one place in Vancouver without anything savage hiding behind trees).

Canada Diary - Part 3

Posted by Lucy Moore on 20 Jun 2010

Now racoons, orcas and possums are added to the list of ferocious wild beasts I can expect to encounter round here: I am amazed I sleep at night. And apparently moose are not likely to be seen prowling round Vancouver. Alas.

Canada Diary - Part 2

Posted by Lucy Moore on 19 Jun 2010

After a leisurely start drinking much strong coffee and putting the world to rights with Claudette and Walt, my hospitable hosts, I went to join the Messy Fiesta in All Saints, Ladner, the church of Elizabeth, the vicar who has organised this stage of the trip. It was unusual for me, in that Elizabeth and the team held a Messy Church for families while I led a short Fiesta for visitors. We had a fun time - lots of questions and comments (interestingly, the issues are much the same as they are in the UK).

Canada Diary

Posted by Lucy Moore on 18 Jun 2010

After a ten-hour flight spent happily catching up on unsuitable films and rejoicing at God's sense of humour at sitting me next to a physiotherapist (my back has been playing up), I wondered how I would know who was meeting me at Vancouver airport amongst the huge crowd of people waiting to greet arrivals. But there was a massive T-shirt with the Messy Church logo splattered on it and a sign the size of Wales with my name on, both being wielded by a couple with hugely smiling faces.

Query about teams

Posted by Lucy Moore on 11 Jun 2010

An enquiry came through a little while ago that I don't feel competent to answer: anyone got any thoughts for John?  John wrote:

Wrong again!

Posted by Lucy Moore on 08 Jun 2010

Good job I don't set myself up as omniscient when I'm proved wrong at every turn. What is it about Messy Church that means it never follows the rules? Hmph. All very... messy. A while back the Revd Tim Waghorn from Victoria in Australia emailed asking for my wisdom (choke choke) on how often to run a Messy Church. I pontificated at length about the joys of monthliness and heard today what Tim and his team decided to do. The moral of the tale? Listen to God, not me!


Posted by Lucy Moore on 30 May 2010

What an eventful weekend. I'm writing this in Glasgow airport between flights, and looking out on tarmac seems most peculiar after seeing only peat, lochs and voes for the last four days. I went on Friday with lots of preconceived ideas: that Shetland would be years behind the mainland, that it would be suspicious of outsiders and that it would be just another chunk of Scotland. I was wrong.