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Discipleship ponderings continue

Posted by Lucy Moore on 29 Oct 2010

Last week I had a bit of a quiet day to reflect on discipleship in the messy context. This is what I shared with Jane and the rest of the BRF Messy Church team. As ever, work in progress rather than definitive answers:

Are you the 500th?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 22 Oct 2010

We now have 489 Messy Churches on the Directory! This is phenomenal, even to those of us, who, like me, are innumerate and find it hard to picture so many ('If all the Messy Churches were together in one room, they would be as messy as....') It could be you! Sign up now! If you've been procrastinating, don't delay!

Mistaken mess

Posted by Lucy Moore on 08 Oct 2010

A friend sent through this lovely misunderstanding from their local paper: 'My church is holding a Messy Church this Wednesday - however, the local paper got the wrong idea when they published a notice about it, and printed the following: Church needs your help Help is needed to tidy St Mark's Church. A special cleaning day will be held on Wednesday October 6, and the team are appealing for volunteers to join in. No special skills are needed, just a willingness to join in and be part of the action.

Messy Chaplain

Posted by Lucy Moore on 08 Oct 2010

One team was asked whether they needed a chaplain for their Messy Church. They came up with the following jobs that a chaplain could do for them. It's an interesting list as it seems to demonstrate how far removed Messy Church is from a craft club or social circle: In response to the questions 'Do we need a chaplain?' 'What would we want this person to do?'

A History of our Faith in 100 Objects

Posted by Lucy Moore on 05 Oct 2010

Well obviously it's plagiarism but with any luck, blatant enough to be acceptable. We're going to try out a series of 60-second 'testiomonies' in our Messy Church, based around physical objects, with the idea that personal stories give the congregation something easy to respond to and ponder on and relate faith to everyday life.

Messy Discipleship - some thoughts

Posted by Lucy Moore on 17 Sep 2010

These are some ongoing thoughts springing from our discussions about discipleship in a messy context at the regional coordinators' Round Table. Discipleship is a huge issue and will carry on being one. We’re all learners and what feels right at the moment may not be in the long run, but we need to be faithful to what we think God is revealing to us in our context at the present time.

Regional Coordinators' Round Table 2010

Posted by Lucy Moore on 12 Sep 2010

The second annual gathering of Messy Church regional coordinators took place at Wycliffe Hall on 9-10 Sep with 26 enthusiastic delegates present. These included members of the BRF team and trustees as well as regional coordinators from all over the UK, and even Australia and Denmark were represented.

Greenbelt 2010

Posted by Lucy Moore on 31 Aug 2010

Just back from Greenbelt - the Christian Arts Festival in Cheltenham. It's our second year there with Messy Church and once again we had fun! A brilliant team of leaders from Cowplain, Liverpool and Hartlepool with members of the Barnabas Team, and ranging in age from Edward and Joshua (whose contribution was more on the non-verbal side) through Jack and Molly who added energy and kept us on our toes, through our enthusiastic teenagers Duncan, Judith and Arthur and our, shall we say, more mature team members made our joy complete.

Keswick Convention

Posted by Lucy Moore on 15 Aug 2010

Jane Leadbetter and Jane Butcher took a Messy Team to Keswick earlier in the summer. Jane Leadbetter writes: The last Wednesday in July and the first Wednesday in August, some of us were invited to Keswick, in the Lake District, to the annual Christian Convention, to put on a first ever Keswick Messy Church showcase. Volunteer Messy Church leaders and coordinators came from Durham, Blackburn, Chester, Wrexham, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Liverpool to create a Messy Creation theme for anyone who had booked in.

Messy Church - New Staff Appointment

Posted by Lucy Moore on 28 Jul 2010

With Messy Church's continuing growth, BRF is delighted to announce that Jane Leadbetter will be joining us on 1 September 2010 as part of the Messy Church team. The rapid growth of Messy Church across the UK and overseas has resulted in an increasing demand from churches for support in establishing and facilitating Messy Churches. Jane will work alongside Lucy Moore to promote Messy Church to churches thinking about this form of outreach to families and to help resource and sustain the network of existing Messy Churches and their teams.