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Cottingley Fiesta

Posted by Lucy Moore on 20 Jul 2009

A complete joy to be back in my old stamping ground of West Yorkshire at the weekend for a Fiesta in the beautiful Cottingley Centre. It was all so new and pristine that we were relieved to see traces of paint and glitter on the tables before we got messy ourselves. Nonetheless, I dashed out and bought three copies of The Yorkshire Post to minimise damage (the paper with the most pages per pence).


Posted by Lucy Moore on 17 Jul 2009

A very provocative and yet affirming read for Messy Church leaders is Christine Pohl's Making Room - Recovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition (Eerdmans, 1999) (recommended to me by Alison Wilkinson from Durham, for which many thanks). As I write I am feeling peculiarly like a stranger and a sojourner as my flight has been delayed three hours and all the passengers for our flight are marooned in the departures lounge of Southampton airport. Hospitality here consists merely of a supply of seats and an availability of food and booze to buy.

Chalk Farm Salvation Army

Posted by Lucy Moore on 13 Jul 2009

The Salvation Army in North London has had several crises to deal with recently - not least the care of many of the families made homeless by the fire in a block of flats in which one family was tragically killed. They work tirelessly to serve the people in their communities, building up strong relationships and being there when people need them.

Scottish Episcopalia

Posted by Lucy Moore on 08 Jul 2009

While Messy Church is popular among all sorts of people, I was still rather nervous about placing it for discussion before the students on the summer school of the Theological Institute of the Scottish Episcopalian Church. Not being a theologian or an ecclesiologist, I panic when the depth of my ignorance is revealed. (QED I spend much of my time panicking.)


Posted by Lucy Moore on 05 Jul 2009

I'll probably be contacted shortly by Childline in response to the cruelty inflicted on the three teenagers who blithely volunteered to help me on Saturday at the wonderful 'Children for a Change' event at Gloucester Cathedral. After all, when I have an early start I just get up shower and go, but if you're 14, you have to get up at least two hours before departure in order to get your make-up on and adjust your accessories. So for Judith, Anna and Hannah, it was a very long day, and when they got there I don't think they've ever worked so hard in their lives.

Mess among the Manure

Posted by Lucy Moore on 03 Jul 2009

Exeter Mess

Posted by Lucy Moore on 01 Jul 2009

Sharing the same air space, albeit merely appearing in the same city on the same day, as the Archbishop of Canterbury, will probably never happen to me again and I shall bask in reflected glory for quite some time. We had both been invited (the Archbishop and I) to contribute to the Diocese of Exeter's 1100th birthday celebrations, he (Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury - did I mention it?) to speak in the Cathedral and lead a communion service and I to share some thoughts on Messy Church.


Posted by Lucy Moore on 18 Jun 2009

Telford is Jane's stamping ground, rather than mine, but I'd been asked up by the group running the local Mission-Shaped Ministry course to lead an evening session on 'Children and All Age', so to make use of the time, we added a Messy Church session the following morning: to our surprise, especially given that 60 people were already signed up for a Fiesta with Jane on the Saturday, over 80 people booked for this session, with another 40 having to be turned away. Who says midweek isn't a good time to have events?

Chichester Fiesta and Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 15 Jun 2009

On Sunday I was privileged to take part in a day of activities with Christ Church Methodist Church in Chichester - a blissfully short distance from home. The morning was a mini-Fiesta for their own church and a church in Worthing who are thinking of starting one, making use of their newly rebuilt hall. The afternoon was an actual Messy Church for local people on the theme of the prodigal son. There were about 30 people at the event - numbers were lower than expected at the Messy Church but that might have been because it was a beautiful day outside!

Mothers' Union and Mess

Posted by Lucy Moore on 11 Jun 2009

It was a privilege to be invited to speak at the Mothers' Union Faith and Spirituality Conference. Not often do I get a Bishop as a warm-up act, either. There are so many links between what we're trying to do in Messy Church and the aims of the MU! And what a resource, what a huge pool of committed people across the UK and overseas, all with a concern for supporting families.