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Query about funding

Posted by Lucy Moore on 22 Jul 2010

A query has come in that highlights the relationship between the establishd body of the church and the emerging Messy Church: We are charged for the costs of the hall in which we hold Messy Church each month. The hall belongs to the church but is a separate building. As an outreach of church I personally think we shouldn't be charged. Especially as we have to get by on donations. What are others' views on this ? My - as usual - inadequate answer:

The Gospel according to You

Posted by Lucy Moore on 22 Jul 2010

We had a fantastic day at St John's College in Nottingham on Saturday, with 160 people turning up to hear about Messy Church. I mentioned, as I often do, that some people will never actually pick up a Bible, so our teams need to be aware that the only Bible they may read is us as storybook people. A kind person smiled and whipped a copy of this old poem out of his briefcase. Admittedly cheesy, it still says just the same thing that I was trying to express. No idea who wrote it and there are many even cheesier versions, so enjoy!

Messy Church or after school club?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 21 Jul 2010

One of our (wonderful, innovative, generous, thoughtful, energetic, and so on ) regional coordinators emailed asking for advice today. She'd been visiting and found that some Messy Churches are really after school clubs. Please note that I don't say 'just after school clubs' - after school clubs are great. But they aren't Messy Churches. Her question was whether she should ask them to stop using the name 'Messy Church'.

Real church?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 21 Jul 2010

An interesting query on the website and I found myself writing at length, probably incoherently but here we go: 'Hi, and congratulations on an innovative idea. I understand the ethos of Messy Church but wondered whether the broader longer-term aim was to integrate the members of Messy Church into the mainstream activities of the 'mother' church, i.e. Sunday school for the children and Sunday worship and midweek Bible study etc. for the adults. If not, how will those that attend Messy Church develop and grow their understanding of Church and being a Christian?'

Five years old?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 13 Jul 2010

Has your Messy Church been going on for five years or more? Could you help Claire Dalpra, a researcher at the Sheffield Centre and a good friend to Messy Church? She writes: 'Are there any Messy Churches that have going longer than five years that wouldn't mind me turning up and asking them lots of questions? I may have mentioned this to you already but for my MA dissertation, I'm planning to look at lay, volunteer- led fresh expressions and learn from those who have made it work longer term to help other fresh expressions in the future.

Old and new

Posted by Lucy Moore on 13 Jul 2010

Isn't it delightful to feel part of a Church that has worshipped God for centuries and will carry on worshipping him in new and old ways into this century? Margaret McDermott wrote in an email: 'By the way I recently went in an ancient church in Southwold and they had a lovely Messy Church banner among decorations from the Middle Ages!' Mind you, I bet a medieval Messy Church would have had some fab crafts.

Regional Coordinators Update

Posted by Lucy Moore on 09 Jul 2010

Gloat gloat, we have about 30 regional coordinators now! Whether you live in Shetland or in Truro, in Kent or in Cambridge, in Sheffield or in Worthing and in many other areas, we have a regional coordinator who would love to hear from you. This wonderful team of volunteers will do all in their power to reply to your queries, share your joys and sorrows, reflect on your experiences, or put on events to support you.

All things bright and beautiful

Posted by Lucy Moore on 08 Jul 2010

I forgot to include this when I was writing my Canada Diary: in Sunday church we sang that old favourite hymn and just when I was drawing breath for ‘The tall trees in the greenwood’ etc., we launched into the far superior Canadian version: The rocky mountain splendourThe loon’s wild haunting callThe great lakes and the prairiesThe forest in the fall...

Follow-up course ideas?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 30 Jun 2010

Lots of queries at the moment: anyone any thoughts on Cara's question below? Do let us know at I can only say unhelpfully that when we offered an Alpha Course in the early days we had zero response and felt rather stupid and pushy for offering it at all. But we weren't very imaginative and hadn't suggested doing it as a family. I know the Youth Alpha material is good, though we haven't tried it in an all-age context. Any wisdom? Cara writes:

Canada Diary - Part 10

Posted by Lucy Moore on 27 Jun 2010

And so my final day in Edmonton. A morning at church (where I discover that ladies of a certain age the world over take approximately 45 seconds to turn the conversation to intimate health issues, even with complete strangers) and a quiet afternoon as we were all too exhausted to go bison-hunting. This proves my theory that there is no wildlife in Canada. It is all a myth perpetrated by the Tourist Board. I added a mere two sparrows and a white cat to my tally.