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Happy New Year!

Posted by Lucy Moore on 04 Jan 2010

And a messily joyful one to you all!


Posted by Lucy Moore on 14 Dec 2009

First confirmed sightings of a Messy Church starting up in Australia! I'm very excited. Jane and I met Karen Mitchell-Lambert back in the summer in a series of coffee shops on the Strand (unintentionally - the one we planned online to meet at had no seats, so Spooks-like, armed with mobile phones, we bolted from cafe to cafe in search of each other).

Christingle juiciness

Posted by Lucy Moore on 13 Dec 2009

We had our annual Christingle service last night. It wasn't the full-blown Messy Church Christingle that we wrote for the Children's Society, but a very simple 'come half an hour early and make your own Christingle, then join in the service' affair.


Posted by Lucy Moore on 02 Dec 2009

The Poole Messy Church leaders had arranged a meeting over morning coffee to chat and find out how to support each other, and very kindly invited me along. Leaders from Parkstone URC / St Peter's, Longfleet Baptist and Parkstone Baptist told their stories and shared their joys and sorrows, and I listened and filled in a little about how we at BRF can support them in all the brilliant stuff they're doing.

Westminster Abbey

Posted by Lucy Moore on 26 Nov 2009

It was a great privilege to be invited to join in the Christingle service at Westminster Abbey, organised for local school children by the Children's Society. I had a fabulous time, warmly welcomed by the Children's Society staff, who are an amazing group of people.

Messy Forum in Liverpool

Posted by Lucy Moore on 24 Nov 2009

There are many pictures of the Holy Spirit, but I've never seen one of him bouncing about like a puppy, gleefully springing around to get people to play with him. But that's what it feels like on the Messy scene in Liverpool. There is so much going on and it's so vibrant and full of life! The latest event was a Messy Forum for Messy Church leaders, organised by Jane Leadbetter, the regional coordinator for Liverpool and Liverpool Diocesan Children's Adviser, and David Bell, the Diocesan Children's Adviser for Chester Diocese.

Thoughts on Sunday / Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 24 Nov 2009

Graham Miles has been musing from his position as church leader on the relationship of Sunday and Messy Church, and communications, perceptions, finances and differences of style between the two. Graham writes:

Wet in Wales

Posted by Lucy Moore on 22 Nov 2009

It was a little disconcerting to drive in the gloaming of early Friday evening past signs directing me to 'Angora Goats' and 'Sheep Pens' and warning me to 'Beware of the Bulls', but despite these hazards, I arrived safely at the B&B on the Royal Welsh Showground to meet Kay and Pauline who had organised a Fiesta for the following day.

The Importance of Belonging to the Directory

Posted by Lucy Moore on 19 Nov 2009

I thought our Messy Directory would simply serve to help Messy Church leaders, but no! An email from Jenny Martin containing copies of two letters reveals how useful it is for our networked congregations too. So sign up, for the sake of all the Matthews and Daniels out there! Hi Lucy

Women in church leadership

Posted by Lucy Moore on 18 Nov 2009

Just back from a conference where for once I wasn't speaking about Messy Church, except in the all-important by-the-way conversations, but on women, or the lack of them, in church planting. As you know, I'm not a rampant feminist, bras are too expensive to burn, dungarees are too fiddly when you need the loo, and there are so many aspects of church and mission that I would rather be thinking about.