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Good advice for Messionaries

Posted by Lucy Moore on 01 Jun 2009

In a conversation about 'results' Colin and Angela Brown mentioned a letter by Thomas Merton to a young activist which makes good sense to all of us trying to 'do' in our Messy Churches. Dear Jim,

Big Lunch

Posted by Lucy Moore on 01 Jun 2009

As food is dear to the Messy heart, here's a great idea to get families eating together in your area: The Big Lunch! You plant food this month with the aim of eating it together at a big lunch party next month on 19 July. (Personally I may have a cucumber ripe but otherwise we'll be eating nothing but stunted basil and the odd nasturtium. Tempting, I know.)

Being and doing

Posted by Lucy Moore on 21 May 2009

Here's a big question I was discussing yesterday with our newest Regional Coordinator, Gill Noles: can a church really be facilitated by people who don't see it as their primary place of belonging? Will those leaders always remain in a state of 'doing' activities at it rather than 'being' themselves and building crucial relationships? To make Messy Church 'authentic', would we need to have a core of people who made it their primary church, rather like church planters do?

Prophetic Gardening

Posted by Lucy Moore on 15 May 2009

I do hope God isn't being prophetic on me. I had a day off this week and spent the morning labouring in the garden trying to tame the wilderness: blunt axes, sharp saws, secateurs that could take your hand off at the wrist - all vicious stuff.

Growing Leaders in Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 10 May 2009

Lots of thoughts about leadership recently, including:

Genes and Sheep

Posted by Lucy Moore on 09 May 2009

I was privileged to join Dave Male and many pioneer ministers at Ridley Hall recently, for a stimulating conference about Pioneer Ministry. If nothing else, do have a think about your team of leaders in Messy Church: it may be that you are growing some people for whom lay or ordained pioneer ministry might be the next step.

Play in Weston

Posted by Lucy Moore on 02 May 2009

One of the advantages of being in a network, rather than trying to go it alone, is the undeniable fact that talking to people about a mutual passion (Jesus, Messy Church, evangelism, chocolate...) takes you further and deeper than you'd go on your own. Chatting with Colin Blake, our Regional Coordinator for the Bristol area, and a GP / minister Gilly we covered a lot of ground, especially about the importance of the chance Messy Church gives you to play.

Mothers and Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 02 Apr 2009

Ho hum, very interesting. One of the questions often raised at Fiestas is, 'What about the Dads? How do you get Dads to come to Messy Church?' and yes, that's important, but so far no one has ever asked me, 'How do you get Mums to come?' or commented, 'Yippee! Praise the Lord!

Not an overwhelming success?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 27 Mar 2009

We held our third Messy Communion yesterday. It was - well, I suppose it was OK, which isn't good enough. The crafts were all fine - a range of ideas about Holy Week - including a huge donkey to paint with the teenagers, a miniature table with food for the Last Supper on it to create, Hama bead crosses, bread roll making (my craft - sense of triumph that I remembered to get them to wash hands this time).

Five Marks of Mission

Posted by Lucy Moore on 26 Mar 2009

Just back from the National Children's Advisers' Conference, bulging with food for thought (and the other sort too - cooked breakfasts etc). It was all about the Five Marks of Mission: to proclaim the the Good News of the Kingdom to teach, baptise and nurture new believers to respond to human need by loving service to seek to transform unjust structures of society to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth. Questions for messy people: