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Mothers and Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 02 Apr 2009

Ho hum, very interesting. One of the questions often raised at Fiestas is, 'What about the Dads? How do you get Dads to come to Messy Church?' and yes, that's important, but so far no one has ever asked me, 'How do you get Mums to come?' or commented, 'Yippee! Praise the Lord!

Not an overwhelming success?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 27 Mar 2009

We held our third Messy Communion yesterday. It was - well, I suppose it was OK, which isn't good enough. The crafts were all fine - a range of ideas about Holy Week - including a huge donkey to paint with the teenagers, a miniature table with food for the Last Supper on it to create, Hama bead crosses, bread roll making (my craft - sense of triumph that I remembered to get them to wash hands this time).

Five Marks of Mission

Posted by Lucy Moore on 26 Mar 2009

Just back from the National Children's Advisers' Conference, bulging with food for thought (and the other sort too - cooked breakfasts etc). It was all about the Five Marks of Mission: to proclaim the the Good News of the Kingdom to teach, baptise and nurture new believers to respond to human need by loving service to seek to transform unjust structures of society to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth. Questions for messy people:

Easy Evening

Posted by Lucy Moore on 17 Mar 2009

Messy Church leaders in Kent had a really inspiring evening together chatting about Messy Church and the problems and ways forward locally. It wasn't a full Messy Fiesta, which takes a bit of organising, but just an easy evening in a church where they run Messy Church themselves, and coordinated by Regional Coordinator for Kent, Captain Graham Nunn.

First Foreign Fiesta and Finances

Posted by Lucy Moore on 14 Mar 2009

Sound the bagpipe and splice the sporran - the first full Scottish Messy Fiesta has taken place. A gleefully ecumenical event as some 60 people threw themselves into the day in Edinburgh, just up the road from Murrayfield - rather fun to drive back through the crowds of kilts and leprechauns making their way to the match down the middle of the road.

Is Messy Church all-age?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 12 Mar 2009

Enjoyably bracing to bring the colourful friendly world of Messy Church up against the dark and studded 'Go on, impress me, then' world of Youth Work at a day with youth and children's workers in Bristol. No wonder old ladies tremble at the sight of gangs of hoodies: the tableful of black-clad early twenties, full of Doritos and the latest advances in youth work, was distinctly intimidating to this greying, wrinkled proponent of something so untrendily jolly.


Posted by Lucy Moore on 06 Mar 2009

Cornwall is such a happening place! Messy Churches are popping up all over, and it was great to be invited to go and lead a 24-hour retreat for children's workers in the Methodist Church in Cornwall by Janet Tredrea, our Regional Coordinator for Cornwall. The District Chair, Revd Steven Wild and his frog kindly dropped in and waxed enthusiastic about Messy Church - we have friends in high places.

Feminism in messiness

Posted by Lucy Moore on 23 Feb 2009

An interesting meeting today with Dr Cathy Ross at CMS in Oxford. One joy of this role is that I get to meet experts in different fields and bounce Messy Church off their expertise, which they graciously and generously allow me to do. This was but an introduction for both of us: for Cathy to what Messy Church is all about, and for me to the heady world of feminism in mission. Or for that matter, in anything, as I am a complete wuss about such matters.

Arty Stuff

Posted by Lucy Moore on 21 Feb 2009

A visit to Marlene Wylie and the Creative Arts Fellowship (CAFe) she and others run at their church in East London. Amongst the knitting needles and crochet hooks - including the beautiful sight of young Joe learning to knit on five-foot long needles and saying proudly after a row, as he pointed disparagingly to the ladies busily clacking away with their intricate patterns: 'How come they've been knitting all this long time and they've only done that little bit when I've done all this already?' - we managed a fruitful conversation about what's going on when people are being creative.


Posted by Lucy Moore on 19 Feb 2009

Not my favourite subject, as you may know, but apparently, as an Anglican, I am defined not by a statement of faith as some denominations are, but by the liturgy my church uses. Not sure yet if this is a good thing. 'I am not a number! I am a free man!' As my more educated friend grumbles, 'The Church has no say over the songs and hymns we use, and for most people, the theology they think about comes from what they sing, so why set such store by the liturgy?'