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Lee Abbey

Posted by Lucy Moore on 19 Oct 2009

Spent last week at Lee Abbey in beautiful North Devon, leading a stream on Messy Church for about 20 people who varied between those already running a Messy Church to those who had never heard of it and just fancied a week at Lee Abbey. It's a great place to think about all the Messy Church themes, as the community puts so many of them into practice.

Denmark gets Mess!

Posted by Lucy Moore on 05 Oct 2009

Just back from a joyful weekend with Danes from all over Denmark - from up in the north where two seas meet, to Copenhagen in the east, over to the island of Bornholm right out in the Baltic Sea. Nearly 150 church and children's leaders had trekked over land and sea to hear about Messy Church at the launch of the Danish translation Messy Church - for hele familien.

Meeting with Bishop Graham Cray

Posted by Lucy Moore on 30 Sep 2009

It was really good to spend a couple of hours today with Bishop Graham Cray, the CofE Bishop of Fresh Expressions. He is passionate about all God's doing through the movement and very supportive of Messy Church within the wider picture. For me personally, and for you too, I hope, it was great to be encouraged and affirmed in what we're doing in the Mess, and reassuring that the Church 'owns' and 'recognises' Messy Church to such an extent.

German Pastors

Posted by Lucy Moore on 17 Sep 2009

A surreal but fun couple of hours in the bowels of a hotel with 30 German visitors on a Fresh Expressions trip from near Hanover. I was greeted with remarks on my abnormality: 'You're the first woman leader we have met' and 'You're the first person we've met who doesn't use an Apple Mac.'

Round Table

Posted by Lucy Moore on 16 Sep 2009

What a fantastic time we had - 18-20 of us, regional coordinators and sympathetic friends - gathered together to talk 'mess' for 24 hours. It was such fun, such a luxury to be able to concentrate on some of the big issues and to glean each other's wisdom thereupon. I came away thinking how privileged we are to have such thoughtful, wise and experienced people taking an interest in Messy Church.


Posted by Lucy Moore on 10 Sep 2009

Our maple syrup bottle overfloweth - a fun visit yesterday from Andy and Sue Kalbfleisch who are based in the Diocese of Niagara and over here on a sort of sabbatical holiday pilgrimage gallop around as many Fresh Expressions as they can visit in a fortnight. It's interesting hearing how interest in Fresh Expressions is growing in Canada and how restricted they are by the lack of funds to develop any networks at a diocesan level. They have visited a Messy Church or two in Canada in preparation for their visit here.

Greenbelt - mess in the long now

Posted by Lucy Moore on 01 Sep 2009

Where do I start? The fun of coming together as an all-age team from across the UK armed with bags and crates of sparkles and cardboard, flowers and snacks, pitta bread and candle wax? The excitement of seeing the queue form outside the marquee and the Messy Church Full Up sign go out? The rather sheepish admission from the stewards that there were probably around 250 people squeezed in, on and off, during the hour?

The Sophia Network

Posted by Lucy Moore on 22 Jul 2009

A thatched pub in the New Forest in the sunshine: there are worse places to meet, and it was excellent to find out about the Sophia Network from one of its founders, Sharon Prior. You can read all about Sophia here. It's an organisation that exists to connect women in youth work and ministry to access training, develop skills and share wisdom.

Cottingley Fiesta

Posted by Lucy Moore on 20 Jul 2009

A complete joy to be back in my old stamping ground of West Yorkshire at the weekend for a Fiesta in the beautiful Cottingley Centre. It was all so new and pristine that we were relieved to see traces of paint and glitter on the tables before we got messy ourselves. Nonetheless, I dashed out and bought three copies of The Yorkshire Post to minimise damage (the paper with the most pages per pence).


Posted by Lucy Moore on 17 Jul 2009

A very provocative and yet affirming read for Messy Church leaders is Christine Pohl's Making Room - Recovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition (Eerdmans, 1999) (recommended to me by Alison Wilkinson from Durham, for which many thanks). As I write I am feeling peculiarly like a stranger and a sojourner as my flight has been delayed three hours and all the passengers for our flight are marooned in the departures lounge of Southampton airport. Hospitality here consists merely of a supply of seats and an availability of food and booze to buy.