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Arty Stuff

Posted by Lucy Moore on 21 Feb 2009

A visit to Marlene Wylie and the Creative Arts Fellowship (CAFe) she and others run at their church in East London. Amongst the knitting needles and crochet hooks - including the beautiful sight of young Joe learning to knit on five-foot long needles and saying proudly after a row, as he pointed disparagingly to the ladies busily clacking away with their intricate patterns: 'How come they've been knitting all this long time and they've only done that little bit when I've done all this already?' - we managed a fruitful conversation about what's going on when people are being creative.


Posted by Lucy Moore on 19 Feb 2009

Not my favourite subject, as you may know, but apparently, as an Anglican, I am defined not by a statement of faith as some denominations are, but by the liturgy my church uses. Not sure yet if this is a good thing. 'I am not a number! I am a free man!' As my more educated friend grumbles, 'The Church has no say over the songs and hymns we use, and for most people, the theology they think about comes from what they sing, so why set such store by the liturgy?'

Messy Fields

Posted by Lucy Moore on 16 Feb 2009

Chatting with Ben Mizen, our Diocesan Children and Youth Advisor, we were both struck by the importance of the parable of the wheat and the weeds (Matthew 13:24-30) in the context of Messy Church. It picked up on what was said at the Regional Coordinators' Day -someone commented there that we often want to 'harvest' too quickly (that is, reap the benefits of our church systems, evangelistic efforts and discipleship courses). Actually in the natural world, the sowing and the growing take a long time.

Mr Messy

Posted by Lucy Moore on 13 Feb 2009

I was gutted to read the Mr Men book Mr Messy (by Roger Hargreaves and originally published in 1972), who should be, after all, a hero of Messy Church. But no! This book tells a tragic story. Mr Messy (who resembles a glorious pink tangle of wool) is leading his messy, dangerous, free-range life when he comes across the repulsive, nay sinister, pair Mr Neat and Mr Tidy in their black and white suits and bowler hats.

Regional Coordinators

Posted by Lucy Moore on 28 Jan 2009

It was a very significant day: our first meeting of the Messy Church regional coordinators. Getting twelve busy people from around the UK, as far afield as Cornwall and Preston, Weston and Maidstone is no mean achievement. To have a Canadian as well was mere icing on the cake. Meeting round a table gave us a sense of belonging to a team with a common purpose.

Prayers from The Tidbit Tree

Posted by Lucy Moore on 19 Jan 2009

At many Messy Fiestas one of the crafts has been to write prayers on a leaf of your own design and hang it on to the Tidbit Tree - a tasteful clear Perspex tree originally designed to be the centrepiece of your party and to be adorned with olives, gherkins and - according to the picture on the packet - lumps of spam. The prayers are nonetheless very moving, and I can't bear to throw them away, so here are some of the leaf prayers from fellow Messy Church leaders. I wonder if they're your prayers too?

Messy Cathedral

Posted by Lucy Moore on 12 Jan 2009

Let me tell you about my Saturday!

Another model of family ministry in Canada

Posted by Lucy Moore on 11 Jan 2009

Have you come across Phoenix Community Ministry in Montreal? They too are very messy in their approach and have centred church around families instead of trying to wrap families around church - take a look at their video below:  

Listening and loving

Posted by Lucy Moore on 08 Jan 2009

A rallying call from Elizabeth Caldwell's book (pp. 6-8): To rebuild the household of faith we need to be hospitable, become better listeners, and live with imagination.


Posted by Lucy Moore on 07 Jan 2009

Again, coming from Elizabeth Caldwell's book Come Unto Me (see blog entry of 05 Jan 09): TABLES are really important in homes. On the Ikea website the slogan for the dining section is 'Eat. Work. Play. Get together.'