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Rural Messy Churches

Posted by Lucy Moore on 19 Sep 2008

Do you run a Messy Church in a village? How does being in a village affect the way Messy Church works? Sue Avery's village church is thinking about starting one but would appreciate some feedback from other churches in rural settings as they plan. If you have any insights to offer from your experience, please email us with the title Rural Messy Church and we'll pass on the accumulated wisdom to Sue.

Chester (Diocese) Fiesta

Posted by Lucy Moore on 13 Sep 2008

It was a very exciting day on Saturday - over a hundred people gathered in Hale to find out more about Messy Church and share ideas. You can imagine the buzz created by so many people with such a heart for God and for people not yet part of a church.

Messy goings on in Petersfield...

Posted by Lucy Moore on 08 Sep 2008

Just off the phone from Helen Mason, who is part of the Messy Church leadership team in Petersfield - a churches together venture. I only rang to see if she could help out with an event... and have emerged with a head full of praise of God and all he's doing through Messy Church in the town.

Outside Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 17 Aug 2008

Early Christians in hot climes were thrown to the lions; modern British martyrdom seems to consist of near-death by exposure. In August. In the south of England. We decided to do an outside Messy Church to advertise ourselves a bit in the neighbourhood, so set up shop on the local playing field (with the council's permission.) Picture several acres of desolate wilderness with a Wuthering Heights-type gale whistling over it and one or two solitary dogwalkers braving the elements while everyone else sensibly stayed inside and cheered on our gold medallists in Beijing.

The Messy Marshmallow Roast

Posted by Lucy Moore on 14 Aug 2008

It's always a problem that we lose touch with everyone over the summer so we fixed up a low-organisation event in the garden - campfire and toasting anything possible to affix to a stick. Despite forgetting to write up a 16 page risk assessment beforehand, miraculously no-one got hurt. Not many turned up - three families plus us, but actually that was great because we actually had time to chat to everyone instead of being swamped. No-one dead of food poisoning yet - always a plus.

Messy Fiesta in Paddock Wood

Posted by Lucy Moore on 05 Jul 2008

After several large Messy Fiestas, it was good to have a cosy intimate gathering at St Andrew's in Paddock Wood near Tonbridge on Saturday. I thought the smaller numbers would mean that we galloped through all the material and would be left twiddling our thumbs at the end of the day - but no, interestingly, the relaxed nature of the day meant that we dwelt more on each part of the programme, not less, and that there was much more opportunity to listen to each other as a whole group, not just in segregated smaller groups.

Fanning the Flame in the Fens

Posted by Lucy Moore on 21 Jun 2008

One of the best things about this job is meeting great people and I was glad to remind the people gathered at a school in Ely for a day on fresh Expressions and Children that the people who work with children in our churches are among the most gracious, generous, unpretentious, caring and heart-for-God members of our churches: not in it for the fame, money or glory but purely because of a love for God and a love for children. About 70 such people had gathered for the second annual day on Fresh Expressions, organized by...

Messy Fiesta in Bedford

Posted by Lucy Moore on 17 Jun 2008

We were delighted to welcome some 50 delegates to the Bedford Messy Fiesta on Saturday, about 15 of whom had already started some form of Messy Church, with the rest thinking about it. This time Martyn accompanied me and worked valiantly all day, as did the Children's Adviser Ruth Pyke, for which I am very grateful.

Mickleover Messy Fiesta

Posted by Lucy Moore on 07 Jun 2008

Captain Sean Andrews of the Church Army had organized this Messy Fiesta as training for the children's leaders' team of his church but had invited the Churches Together group and friends and strangers from near and far. We were delighted to have 53 guests plus the host team from a range of distance of 'just up the road' to Liverpool, Hull and Rotherham. Two children's advisers had kindly given up the day to come, and Jane counted / discerned eight clergy. We were also pleased to have three or four children...

Messy Church - Pentecost

Posted by Lucy Moore on 21 May 2008

And the rest of the Barnabas Team have been busy with Messy Church as well. Chris Hudson visited one up in the north-east recently and got his drums going... Here is what he writes: