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Children's Ministry Conference

Posted by Lucy Moore on 29 Jan 2008

What fun it was (as well as a privilege) to speak about Messy Church at the Children's Ministry Conference again this year. A lovely crowd of people, most of whom seemed not to have come across Messy Church before, so very enterprising of them to come to a seminar on it when there was so much else on offer. Even my panic at running a PowerPoint on someone else's hardware were dispersed by Graham Nunn stepping in nobly with his laptop and generously playing the role of glamorous assistant for the hour. So all I had to do was enthuse.

The Directory

Posted by Lucy Moore on 28 Jan 2008

I'm well chuffed with the steady trickle of Messy Churches coming on to the Directory. This will be really useful, both so that we can pray for each other and as people try to find one near them to visit... ... especially as I foolishly didn't write down the addresses of the Messy Churches I found by googling a while back, and when asked actually to send details of one I'd mentioned in Coventry, couldn't find it again.

Foiled again!

Posted by Lucy Moore on 04 Jan 2008

Oh dear. My cunning plot to save frantic ringing round the planning team at the last minute each month, saying desperately, 'We have to plan Messy Church tonight. Can you come?' has not got off to a good start. It should have been simple! A little plan with the date of the Messy Church, the planning meeting and the subject for each month, all ready to be jotted down in diaries. I should have been worried when D rang to ask if we had a meeting that night, as she hadn't heard anything.

End of Term Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 21 Dec 2007

We really thought there would be no one this month - well, perhaps a faithful few. Messy Church was scheduled to be on the day after the last day of term for most local schools. It had to be then, as the week before was filled with Christmas events at school and church - Carol services, concerts... you know how it is. A quiet Messy Church would be no bad thing, as we were all exhausted.

Messy Merchandise

Posted by Lucy Moore on 30 Nov 2007

My two brothers have come up with the idea of producing some merchandise with a Messy Church logo on. Unlike them, I run whimpering for the hills at the thought of commerce, but something in me does warm to the idea of providing the possibility of good quality stuff that would a) be actually useful at Messy Church sessions b) would go back into homes and help families feel that they belong to the Messy Community by reminding them of its existence.

Running after God

Posted by Lucy Moore on 28 Nov 2007

Things move on so fast! Suddenly we have new possibilities opening up for building our Messy Community. The deanery has funds, made available by the loss of a vicar in one of the parishes, and the money can go to a Kairos project - in brief, something outreach-y, like Messy Church. I suddenly realized this money was up for grabs but that any project needed PCC approval and Deanery Synod approval. PCC meets every eight weeks and Deanery Synod every quarter or so, and it just so happened that PCC was the next day and Deanery Synod was in three days' time.

The frustrations of letting go

Posted by Lucy Moore on 24 Nov 2007

It is so hard to do this Messy Church thing properly! Had we but space enough and time, and no life except church, it would be far easier. But we don't seem to be able even to meet and plan the immediate session in luxurious leisure, let alone make long-term plans.

Musings on the way forward

Posted by Lucy Moore on 18 Oct 2007

What is the way forward? As the marbling inks clog up the hall ready for Messy Church this afternoon, a particularly sticky cake's icing dries in the kitchen, and a dustbin bag full of empty shoeboxes threatens to trip up the unwary visitor, I wonder: how do we go on from here? Paul reckons we need to get together a group of people who might be interested in belonging primarily to MC and seeing it eventually as their main spiritual home, and get praying with them, just as you would if you were thinking about a church plant.

Messy Fiestas

Posted by Lucy Moore on 17 Oct 2007

The publicity has gone out for the first Messy Fiesta next month - thanks to the wonderful sales and marketing department at BRF - and people have signed up to come! All very exciting as I'm sure this is the best way forward: to talk to each other. I hope I'm going to be able to be gracious enough to be like John the Baptist for the next year or so - decreasing so that others can increase. It would be so easy and so fatal to try to hold all the reins and control everyone's developments, when the best way forward is to try out new things and learn from each other.

Women leaders in Fresh Expressions

Posted by Lucy Moore on 16 Oct 2007

Very interesting discussion yesterday with Annie from Norwich Diocese (a very happening place, Norwich Diocese, and I'm not being ironic, there are lots of great things going on there). Annie's writing an M.A. dissertation on something to do with women who lead Fresh Expressions (FEs). What came out, talking to Annie, is more the discrepancy I perceive - which may or may not be justified - in the different value given to lay and ordained leadership in the Church, and how it's much easier to be taken seriously if you are wearing a dog collar.