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Our programme for 2008

Posted by Lucy Moore on 06 Sep 2007

If discipleship is about learning to ask the right questions, then in teaching and discipleship terms, this means putting solid foundation stones in place right from the start, not fake blocks of polystyrene that wobble when you try to stand on them in a storm.

Discipleship in programme planning

Posted by Lucy Moore on 05 Sep 2007

Planning meeting last week: lots of time saved, I hope, by having had time over the summer to plan a programme longer than just one term. We now have themes in place until Christmas 2008. Huzzah!

PCC and the social outing

Posted by Lucy Moore on 26 Jul 2007

Two things to talk about today: the first is the PCC meeting last week where I did a catchy-uppy report on Messy Church to fill everyone in. One member saw me sit down and muttered, 'Oh this won't take long, I expect you just want more money.'

Messy Church review

Posted by Lucy Moore on 14 Jul 2007

We had a plethora of visitors at Messy Church from Worthing, Bournemouth and Hayling Island, which was very pleasant, but difficult to chat to as my craft (sock dragonflies) was fairly intensive.

The importance/impossibility of clear communication

Posted by Lucy Moore on 13 Jul 2007

Last night was the last Messy Church of the term, the last of the three on 'Love your God / neighbour / world, and was a typical Messy Church chaos in so many ways.

Dinner with Jo

Posted by Lucy Moore on 06 Jul 2007

Have decided to do what I should have done three years ago, if I had a brain or the vision of a small wombat, which is to keep a journal of what's going on with Messy Church so that it will help me reflect on what God's doing with us, let other people see the mistakes we make and the journey we're on for Encouragement and Edification in case they want to do something similar.