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Messy Church Regional Coordinator in the Netherlands

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 03 Apr 2018

Welcome to Nelleke Plomp as Messy Church Regional Coordinator in the Netherlands. Last year we announced a different Regional Coordinator, but due to her ill health we are sad that she has retired from the role. We pray for her speedy recovery. Nelleke Plomp is filling this role for the present, and we warmly welcome her! We love working with Nelleke and her team at Kliederkerk, our official 'home' for Messy Church in the Netherlands.

Messy Church Regional Coordinator for Doncaster

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 22 Mar 2018

Welcome to Alison Powell, your new Regional Coordinator for the Doncaster region of South Yorkshire. We are delighted with this appointment and the link it has with the Centenary Project in Sheffield.

Using Facebook for publicity

Posted by Lucy Moore on 07 Mar 2018

A lovely email with some great tips on using Facebook for publicity. Thank you Jonathan Davie of Hamilton Baptist Church in Scotland. Hi Lucy, I'm Jonathan, the big lad you spoke to at Deep Impact, about to launch a Messy Church! I promised to let you know how we got on.

Messy wedding!

Posted by Lucy Moore on 07 Mar 2018

Is this the first truly Messy Church wedding? Robin Jones, Regional Coordinator, and Jenny Dickin, both leaders of the original Messy Church in Cowplain, were married on Saturday in a very Messy wedding!

Southport Regional Coordinator

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 02 Feb 2018

Welcome to Nigel Mawdsley, who is the new Regional Coordinator for Southport, Merseyside. We are delighted with Nigel's appointment and he is keen to visit and support the Messy Churches in the region. We are also encouraged by the Messy Methodist ministry which takes place in this region. Watch this space.

Why not put the Celebration first?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 02 Feb 2018

Someone wrote in recently and asked if there was any particular justification for doing Messy Church in the standard order, and why not start with the Celebration? Here’s what I said, in case it’s helpful. You may have other thoughts to add.

Get messy - get social!

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 01 Feb 2018

Well, let's be honest! It is another job to do and we are all busy enough. Is social media even on your Messy Church planning sheet? So why do we consider using social media with our Messy Churches? 

Response to 'Real Me' session

Posted by Lucy Moore on 29 Jan 2018

With social media both as a marvellous boon and a threat to wellbeing, it’s more important than ever to help people understand themselves as loved and valued just as they are. Have you seen the free Real Me Messy Church session?

Regional Coordinator for North-East London

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 26 Jan 2018

Welcome to Tom Donoghue, who will be praying for and supporting the registered Messy Churches in the North-East London region. Tom is the Family and Children's Work Coordinator at Loughton Methodist Church. We are delighted that Tom has joined the Regional Coordinator network and encourage any unregistered Messy Churches in the North-East London region to register and get linked up to our Messy Church BRF family! 

A funny thing happened on my way through the Psalms

Posted by Lucy Moore on 26 Jan 2018

I’m playing with the idea of ‘fun’ again.