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Messy Church Does Science - March 2017 update

I’m the wrong person to be writing this particular update: our long-suffering editor Rachel has been deluged with a torrent of emails, photos and videos as the field-testers have fed back their experiences, and is spending swathes of her time sorting through them to add to the book text or to the online resources bank: a real feat of organisation. The field-testers have been amazingly generous in their speedy feedback and many have organised a totally separate event in order to test their batch of activities: we’re very grateful to them for turning things around so quickly. 16 of the 48 are now in; 4 have had changes in situations and now can’t test theirs and the remainder should be coming in late over the month of March. Their feedback may be too late but their photos and films will be very helpful. We have many videos of Coke and Mentoes, but I always say you can never have too much of a good thing.

One of the authors of the chapters pulled out, leaving Dr Dave and me to pick up the pieces, but we rose to the occasion. 

We need to start creating a set of activities from which a different set of churches will select one activity about which to provide in-depth feedback to assess how effective the activities are in a Messy Church setting: this will be collated shortly and sent out to around 50 Messy Churches to be trialled during April / May. We hope to use the Regional Coordinator network to collect some of this data.

We are planning additional Messy Science input through Dr Dave at the Christian Resources Exhibition on 17 Oct and are looking at an additional launch event with a site visit planned to the Rutherford-Appleton Lab at the end of the month. We’re enquiring about an event at InTech in Winchester. I also want to run a launch in the north and will be speaking to SiC about possibilities.

The BRF Messy Church team meets next month and will be discussing what Messy Science – the next step might look like, given that there is a growing swell of energy around this first stage and we don’t want to fall off the wave.

In the meantime, we’re all enjoying the Dr Dave avatar who will pop up in the magazine and online to keep it all fun.