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Messy Church Does Science - Update 12 December 2016

With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, we are fairly well on track for the project, given its complexity and the busyness of the time of year. Of the ten chapter writers, we have full draft sessions from five of them, partial chapters from two and requests for extensions from two, plus an ominous silence from one. A polite reminder has been sent out to those still with material to add, so that everyone can comment on each other’s work before the full deadline at the end of January.

The Science Story Writers have mostly been very prompt and we have just two of the ten left to come in by 15 December. Reminders have gone out and, of course, thanks to all who have submitted their work. These stories are very passionate and very moving… we even have a video filmed from an MRI scanner!

The BRF Content Creation team is already busy turning the available material into a ‘sample’ that can be sent out to churches to trial and comment on in the spring. The book cover has been designed. The Sales team will be starting to promote it shortly and an article is planned for inclusion in the Get Messy! May 2017 issue.

Offers to trial the material keep coming in in a steady trickle, the most recent being from a Warwickshire Messy leader who runs a deanery-wide Messy Day in March and wants to feature the material there.

The Cheltenham Festival has changed venue to a different church, so we are waiting to see whether the Messy Science bit will go ahead. The Edinburgh possibility is proving slightly difficult to crystallise into a way forward, so we may suggest putting it on ice till 2018. The team will discuss it this week.

Lucy Moore, December 2016