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Messy Church Does Science - Update 9 January 2017

The chapter writers haven’t slowed down over the Christmas break, and we now have nine of the ten chapters in draft form in a Dropbox folder. Behind the scenes, the BRF Content Creation team is working on creating ‘packages’ for field testing.

We have had about 30 offers of Messy Churches to field test the materials, so will be able to send around five activities to each church—just what we were hoping. These volunteers have been emailed to let them know the samples will be released to them in early February and that their feedback will be needed by 21 February—a very tight turnaround. We’ve suggested trialling them in a one-off special with a few invited families to make it easier to achieve. We’ve also asked for photos and videos to make the online resource as rich as possible.

Despite a problem with the first proposed venue, we are still going ahead with a preliminary roadshow on 23 April at the Cheltenham Christian Arts Festival at Charlton Kings Baptist Church. Dorchester Abbey is probably using a few of the activities in a 1 May bank holiday event for families. The official launch of the resource in Ely Cathedral is still a firm fixture. BRF is also planning a book/project launch in Oxfordshire, possibly involving Culham/Harwell.

People are so excited about this project. Emailed phrases include:

  • Brill!!! We can trial some at our Messy Baptism on 12 Feb!!!!!!!!
  • I tried some stuff on my grandchildren in the form of the science roadshow at Christmas. They loved it. I have set up a Science Cafe in my church on 21 Jan and in February I shall be ministering in the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd (in Peru) which may include some Messy Science in the Cathedral or in Shanty town churches.
  • I would absolutely love to do this!
  • Hi, as an ex-head of science and now involved in Messy Church, I am always keen to include science and would be keen to try things out and develop them.
  • We would love to volunteer to help too, Lucy. We often have science activities and challenges and our families love them.
  • Being an ex-chemistry teacher, I have tried a few science activities at our Messy Church in the past and would love some new ideas to add to my repertoire.
  • If I can be of any help, I lecture/present to church groups, schools etc. on science and religion, am an ex-theological college principal and also ex university lecture in physics.
  • More to the point, my wife runs our Messy Church and I help out at times!

Lucy Moore, January 2017