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Messy Church leaders

Leaders make Messy Church happen. Good leaders delegate obsessively as they see each job as an opportunity for someone else to develop as a leader. They build in an exit plan so that their Messy Church will continue if they are called to ministry in the Bahamas.

While their Messy Church matters enormously, they can laugh at the failures and know that what matters is trying in the first place. They are the person down on the floor at the end, scraping the paint off the parquet with their fingernails.

They are encouragers, inspirers, always hopeful, full of integrity, always getting it wrong and trying again a different way.

They're plugged into God, plugged into the people they're serving, plugged into the wider Messy Church network and not too proud to receive as well as to give.

Things that will help you as a Messy Church leader

Get Messy!
Session material, news, stories and inspiration for the Messy Church community - a four-monthly magazine with a session for each month of the year.

The blog
You'll find encouragement, puzzlement, laugh-out-loud stuff, questions and a wealth of experience from Messy friends all over the world. The themes vary but include anything that comes in on discipleship, Messy Church in unusual places, sacraments, teenagers, rural Messiness and inner-city Messiness.

The Messy Church newsletter
Keep up to date with our newsletter. Stories, events and encouragement from the Messy Church network.

Regional Coordinators
Get in touch with your Regional Coordinator (register your Messy Church on the directory first here). Alternatively, you can find out more about what Regional Coordinators do.

Training events
The Messy Church team offer a number of training sessions.

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