Authorised Mess

We asked 66 Messy Churches from anywhere in the world to choose a book of the Bible and to write a Messy Church outline on a story, verse or theme from that book.

And lo, by the time we've compiled them all, we'll have 66 new Messy Church sessions available to the network online.

View the books of the Bible below to see if there are any left.

Books available

Old Testament books
Genesis Judyth Roberts Download
Exodus Eleanor Williams Download
Leviticus Lucy Moore Download
Numbers Anne Offler Download
Deuteronomy Cath Palmer  
Joshua Ann Anderson  
Judges Vicki Ellis  
Ruth Sharon Lakin, Denise Langham Download
1 Samuel Andrew Cowie  
2 Samuel Ali Dore  
1 Kings Robin Eastoe  
2 Kings Ruth Parsons  
1 Chronicles Beth Barnett Download
2 Chronicles Beth Barnett Download
Ezra Alison Buttler  
Nehemiah Jane Leadbetter and others Download
Esther Charis Lambert and others Download
Job Becky Sedgwick and others Download
Psalms Janet Tredrea Download
Proverbs Janet Tredrea Download
Ecclesiastes Peter Hayes and others Download
Song of Songs Helen Gardner  
Isaiah Graham Miles  
Jeremiah Austin Janes and others Download
Lamentations Anne Le Bas Download
Ezekiel Diane Nicholson and others Download
Daniel Sue Mitchell Download
Hosea Edmonde Openshaw Download
Joel Deborah Hale  

Lesley White

Obadiah Christine Belsham Download
Jonah Sharon Lakin and Denise Langham Download
Nahum Denise Yeadon Download
Micah Alison Thurlow, Miriam Thurlow Download
Habakkuk Bridget Woodall and others Download
Zephaniah Sarah Evans and others Download
Haggai Rachel Wood Download
Zechariah Jo Latham  


New Testament
Matthew Jo Gill


Mark Ann Anderson  
Luke Judyth Roberts  
John Gary Hoare  
Acts Deryn Roberts  
Romans Greg Ross  
1 Corinthians Eleanor Williams, Nicola Grieves Download
2 Corinthians Dawn Watson and Ingrid Rebeugeot Download
Galatians Elizabeth Goodridge  
Ephesians Deborah Hale  
Philippians Susie Fox and Alison Hulse Download
Colossians Liz Townsend and others Download
1 Thessalonians June Hopkinson  
2 Thessalonians Sandra Doore  
1 Timothy Hannah Middleton Download
2 Timothy Alison Buttler  
Titus Clarice Moore  
Philemon Pam and David Stranks  Download
Hebrews Jo Birkby Download
James Kim Gabbatiss  
1 Peter Sally Ratcliffe  
2 Peter Mark Bingham  
1 John Helen Ellis Download
2 John Anne Offler Download
3 John Halcyon Meldrum  
Jude Cerys Hughes and Mark Hatcher Download
Revelation Laura Meleleu Download