Can Messy Church Work Anywhere? Social deprivation report

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Research into Messy Churches in areas of social deprivation within the UK

As part of the BRF Messy Church Team, I have had the privilege of visiting and being part of a number of Messy Churches around the UK. First and foremost my aim has been to listen to and learn from what is going on in Messy Church, and to record people’s stories and reflections about how God is at work reaching new people through this particular fresh expression of church for the 21st century. Although I have responded to invitations to visit from a wide range of Messy Churches, one focus of my explorations and chronicling has been to observe Messy Churches in particular contexts, so that there might be an opportunity to share best practice and network those churches facing similar challenges. One of those situations has been Messy Churches in areas of social deprivation.

Martyn Payne

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