Messy Church

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Extra resources linked to the Messy Church DVD

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Messy Church - the DVD aims to give people an understanding of what Messy Church is and an opportunity to explore the values behind it so that new Messy Churches can be started from a position of understanding, and existing ones can be encouraged to develop and grow. It uses examples of small and large Messy Churches from several denominations, from urban and rural settings, and from the north and south of the UK.

The DVD gives an overall introduction and a virtual visit to one Messy Church, then focuses on six of the main values in ongoing Messy Churches. Further sections set Messy Church in its wider church context and open up the complex question of discipleship within Messy Church. It ends with a short biblical reflection on being a church for everyone.

DVD contents

  • Introducing Messy Church
  • Walk through Messy Church
  • Being All-age
  • Hospitality
  • Creativity
  • Celebration
  • Local context
  • Team
  • Messy Church and the wider church
  • Discipleship
  • A church for everyone? A reflection

Handouts and notes

You’ll find here a set of handouts and notes to support different groups exploring Messy Church. Click on the links to open the handouts (PDFs). They are free to download and print for use in your local church.

  • Sharing the vision with your church (Session 2 in the DVD booklet) is a handout to give to members of your church leadership team, containing basic information about Messy Church.
  • Starting a Messy Church (Session 3 in the DVD booklet) is a handout to give to potential members of your Messy Church team.

The following documents support training sessions for an established team. The content has been drawn together from the DVD as well as wider research among the Regional Coordinators.

General notes for the overall leader: