Extreme Crafts for Messy Churches - 50 activity ideas for the adventurous

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by Peter Maidment and Barry Brand

50 extreme craft ideas for the adventurous of Messy Church.

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'I am by nature a craft sceptic. Glue, glitter and sequins are not easy for a bloke with big hands to cope with. But within a few pages of the start of this book Pete and Barry had won me over with their promise of the 'extreme activities' to come. I was not disappointed. I wanted to try building the fruit catapult, walking on eggs and mixing up some Oobleck (read the book to find out what it is!). I can still recall the excitement I felt as a child when discovering invisible ink, and I'm now desperate to give it a go again. The guidance at the back of the book about planning a male-friendly Messy Church is great stuff, but, as with the rest of the book, it's not just relevant to Messy Churches. Whatever group for families you run - Messy Church, Who Let The Dads Out? or any other - I wholeheartedly recommend this book to you. It will help you make the men in your group feel welcome and energised.'
Mark Chester, Founder, Who Let The Dads Out?


In this book Pete Maidment and Barry Brand provide over 50 new activities for Messy Church sessions, carefully crafted to appeal to male as well as female participants at Messy Church. They challenge the assumption that Messy Church 'isn't really for men or boys' and offer approaches for Messy Churches to engage men and boys in an intentional way, providing inspiration for creating a Messy Church that men and boys will love to be part of.

'As a Messy Church trainer, I regularly have to defend Messy Church for those who pigeonhole it as a fringe activity for mums and children. I believe in Messy Church as a true expression of church, and a place where discipleship takes place. I look forward to having a resource that I can point people towards who worry about the place of men and boys at Messy Church, or who are looking for ideas on how to engage with them.'
Pete Maidment

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