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Messy Church DVD

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...a wonderful initiative which brings families together to discover things about God and about Jesus.
Dr Christina Baxter, St John's College, Nottingham

It's brought loads and loads of people from our community into our church building.
Charis Lambert, Messy Church Leader


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Messy Church is a way of being church for families based around hospitality,creativity and celebration. It began in 2004 in the UK and has since caught the imagination of churches of all denominations around the world as they try to rethink how to be church for people who have little or no church connection.

This DVD tells the story of Messy Church and explores the issues it raises through conversations with leaders from around the UK and meeting the children and adults who make up the congregations. It can be used to:

  • Introduce the concept of Messy Church
  • Help a new team understand what starting a Messy Church might entail
  • Help an existing team think through some of the important issues faced by leadership teams as the Messy work goes on.

It's fun, it's colourful, it's.... messy...

You can also download extra resources linked to the DVD - including handouts and notes.


  1. Introducing Messy Church
  2. Walk through Messy Church
  3. Being All-age
  4. Hospitality
  5. Creativity
  6. Celebration
  7. Local context
  8. Team
  9. Messy Church and the wider church
  10. Discipleship
  11. A church for everyone? A reflection

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