Messy Month 2013

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This year's Messy Month theme is Generosity

What is Messy Month? It's a chance to celebrate what God is doing in your Messy Church and in Messy Churches across the world. Pick a Sunday - any Sunday - to share with the rest of your church congregations what's happening in Messy Church. Perhaps put on a special event to bring together Messy and Sunday congregations for a fun time together. Or even invite other Messy Churches across your town or area to come together for a fun event. Tell each other the good news of what's happening in your Messy Church. It's about celebration, communication, belonging, inspiration, encouragement and re-envisioning your Messy ministry, and may also be a way of your church contributing to the wider BRF Messy Church Ministry through prayer and giving if you choose to.

July is a good month to plan outdoor celebrations: it's before the school summer holidays and there may already be annual events happening such as summer fetes or garden parties with which you could link up. Of course any month in the year is a good month to bring congregations together! You may wish to put on a Church Parade service with uniformed organisations present, or a Family All-Age service, which gives you an opportunity to share Messy Church with all generations.

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