Summary of Easter resources

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Here are some Lent and Easter resources to share with you, pulled together by Jane. Grab some new ideas or store away for another year:

BRF Lent and Easter resources

- Easter Family Time – An Easter minibook gift to give to Messy Church families. Multiple copies offer.
- Creative Ideas for Lent and Easter – 80 seasonal ideas for children which can easily be adapted for people of all ages
- Celebrating Festivals – Readings, reflections, crafts and prayer activities for 20 major church festivals
- Family Fun for Easter PDF download – 30 Lent and Easter activities for families to share
- Lent reading – A selection of books suitable for reading during Lent – as gifts? For Messy teams?

Messy downloads £0.99 each

New life in Jesus (Easter) – Unit 11 Messy Church 1
Lent – Unit 6 Messy Church 2 
Spring festivals – Unit 7 Messy Church 2

Free Messy downloads

Messy Palm Sunday

Stories from our website

Mardi Gras fun
Who moved the egg?
Easter family journey
The first Falklands Easter Messy Church
Messy treasure hunt
Easter journey in Suffolk
Messy Maundy

Celebration time ideas from the BRF Children and Families website

Lent – Cross (1) The Ash Wednesday Cross
Decision time
Jesus’ temptations – a reflective story
Messy Church in Lent
Temptations rap
Easter presentation through punctuation marks
Easter presentation through noughts and crosses
Palms for Holy Week
Lots more great ideas – Make a big pot of tea! There are so many more great ideas here!

Faith in Homes

Making a pattern of your year in your home
BRF Faith in Homes Lent and Easter ideas

Messy Church logos to download

Messy Lent
Messy Easter

Pinterest ideas

BRF Messy Church Pinterest – Lent and Easter board with over 60 pins
Kids Friendly NZ – Lent and Easter

Miscellaneous resources and links

- Going For Growth Lent and Easter crafts
- Friends and Heroes ‘Remember Me’ Easter song video
The Big Pancake Party
Baker Ross Easter activities including Holy Week crafts. Remember your Voucher Code BRF15 for 15% discount!
Lent Event (Aus)
40acts challenge (UK)
- The Children’s Society The Story of Lent
WaterAid Lent Appeal 2017

Video clips

Lent in Two Minutes
Bible Society Easter Story Animations