Extra ideas

Additional ideas and activities linked to the Messy Church Does Science book.

Messy Church Does Science project

Messy science and God

We're grateful to Rosalind King (St David's, Carr Mill) for providing us with her talk on Messy science and God. Download the PDF

Messy Church Does Science: Free and extra activities

We have made 13 activities from Messy Church Does Science available to download for free, some of which are not included in the book itself. Click here to download all 13 activities. If you would like to download individual activities, please click below:

Messy Church Does Science: Take-home ideas

Can't get enough of Messy Church Does Science? There are loads of experiments and other activities you can do at home to continue exploring the ideas in our other resources.

Messy Church Does Science at Cheltenham

You can see photos from the Messy Church Does Science Cheltenham event below. All these images are available to download via Flickr under a Creative Commons license. See the album on Flickr. 

Make a thumb piano!

An exciting activity from one of our Messy Church which doesn't require glitter, glue or colouring in. Dr Rob Rutherford is from Top of Town Messy Church in Basingstoke, Hampshire and shares this science activity which you should definitely try! Find a saw, wood and bolts and create a thumb piano to create your own Messy tunes on.