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From Messy Churches

An exciting activity from one of our Messy Church which doesn't require glitter, glue or colouring in. Dr Rob Rutherford is from Top of Town Messy Church in Basingstoke, Hampshire and shares this science activity which you should definitely try! Find a saw, wood and bolts and create a thumb piano to create your own Messy tunes on. 

From our friends in Australia - 

Here it is! Full of great ideas for Messy worship, music and prayer, as well as some food for thought and reflections on the International Messy Church Conference. 


Sue Kalbfleisch, our Regional Coordinator in Canada, shares some great ideas based on Mark 10:17-21 (the story of the rich young man) and calls the theme 'Messy giveaways'. It focuses on the message of caring for others and giving to others. So, instead of making things during the activity time to take home for yourself, she created some special activities to make things to give away.


I met Andrew the creator of Cecil the Lost Sheep when I was in Australia last and just love his stuff. Try the free download of the storytelling kit and you’ll see how well it fits into the Messy Church ethos – quirky fun for adults and for children. The books are available in the UK from Wesley Owen, Eden or your local Christian bookshop.

Check out Orison's great resources for interactive prayer spaces in schools.

From Richard Shrimpton, Horsley Village Church

Yesterday before telling the story I used a great resource that the children loved: digital Flash Cards on a laptop. There's nothing new about the concept of flash cards but these are available to download as PowerPoint presentations from The Bible Curriculum website. The flash cards tell the whole Bible in 30 images giving a really clear overview of God's big story and helps children understand the chronology of the Bible.

We used the song 'Remember me' as part of our Good Friday family time

Worship music accessible for all ages together.

By Elaine

I have just come across a site by surfing on google, which are called Scrapstores (recycling plants), which are nationally based supplying reusable materials and items from local businesses to be used for community projects. There is a annual payment, and then you can use and collect anything you want, apparently they have everything from Bouncy Castle material to wood cut-offs and stationary, and at the same time you are saving the great resources from land-fills. Hope you find this handy and check out where the nearest one to you is.

By Chris Barton

We have just had a training event from OneWayUK. It has been a mind blowing event with an enormous variety of puppets and ways of using them, illusions and parady. Ideal for Messy Church. I really recommend looking on their web site to see if there is a training event near you, or consider having one yourself.