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Messy Church regional coordinator for Leeds, Rachel Gotobed, has written this great Christmas play, The Gingerbread Man’s Christmas Adventure. It would work well as a standalone play or could be used alongside Renita Boyle's book The Gingerbread Nativity.

An exciting activity from one of our Messy Church which doesn't require glitter, glue or colouring in. Dr Rob Rutherford is from Top of Town Messy Church in Basingstoke, Hampshire and shares this science activity which you should definitely try! Find a saw, wood and bolts and create a thumb piano to create your own Messy tunes on. 

A session for Christmas sent in by Trish Hahn, SEND Coordinator for Messy Church
Messy Church SEND Christmas Session
Aim: To enjoy Messy Sensory Fun & Fellowship at Christmas
Food: Christmas Buffet

Sue Kalbfleisch, our Regional Coordinator in Canada, shares some great ideas based on Mark 10:17-21 (the story of the rich young man) and calls the theme 'Messy giveaways'. It focuses on the message of caring for others and giving to others. So, instead of making things during the activity time to take home for yourself, she created some special activities to make things to give away.


Messy Church session ideas based on Operation Christmas Child

I met Andrew the creator of Cecil the Lost Sheep when I was in Australia last and just love his stuff. Try the free download of the storytelling kit and you’ll see how well it fits into the Messy Church ethos – quirky fun for adults and for children. The books are available in the UK from Wesley Owen, Eden or your local Christian bookshop.

Check out Orison's great resources for interactive prayer spaces in schools.

We used the song 'Remember me' as part of our Good Friday family time

By Marie Beale

Marie Beale has put together some suggestions for boys who want activites rather than crafts.

Marie uses a room upstairs for activities rather than crafts. Boys enjoy:

  • Scavenger hunts, sports challenges and conker tournaments.
  • Construction sets are a must, also any food crafts, rocket/helicopter making and science stuff.
  • Computer animation programmes.
  • Hard boiled egg drops
  • Designing T shirts or pillow cases
  • Balloon modelling
  • Smelly Church!

More ideas are in the PDF.

By Kathy

We made marshmallow pigs on biscuits (I've previously done marshmallow pigs in 'mud' on top of chocolate angel delight but wasn't sure how many to cater for so decided biscuits was easier). Use one marshmallow for the face, cut 2 triangles of marshmallow for ears and stick them on each side. Use half a mini marshmallow for the snout and writing icing for eyes and 2 dots on the snout. The marshmallows stick reasonably well when cut but a bit of icing for glue always helps!