Messy advice

Advice from the Messy Church team on a wide variety of topics and questions, including Messy Cathedrals, Communion and Liturgy in Messy Churches.

Restarting your Messy Church checklist

Wondering how you can start or restart your Messy Church after all the restrictions of lockdown? Worried about missing something? Take a look at our handy checklist, which helps you to think about how, when and where you might start holding Messy Church again. Download the PDF

Holy Communion in Messy Church

A really helpful guide to doing Messy Church Communion in an Anglican setting. This is a collaboration between Messy Church BRF and the Liturgical Commission of the Church of England, with help from Hymns Ancient and Modern. Read the introductory blog

Encouraging families to live out faith in the home: part 2

The guide is for families and churches to give you some reassurance about how to get started with Christianity in the home. Getting Started Take into account the following factors when offering support and resources to families: Appropriate language and content when selecting Bible stories There is a range of Bibles available for children and young adults. It is helpful if families can be given guidance as to what is appropriate for different age groups.

Social Action

This guide is for families and churches on the importance of social action as part of your Messy Church. Messy social action: Messy Church seeks to be both ecclesial and missional; in other words, to be both fully a church where the congregation is nurtured and taught in the faith,  as well as a church that goes on reaching out creatively with the compassion of God and the good news of Jesus to others in its community and beyond.

Encouraging families to live out faith in the home

The guide is for families and churches to give you some reasurrance before you start to talk about faith in the home.  Reassurance before starting Whatever a parent’s/carer’s level of knowledge, there are some important points to recognise at the start.

Messy Cathedrals

The guide shows you the best way to host a Messy Cathedral, along with lots of other ideas that are worth considering! How Do We Run a Messy Cathedral Event? Running a Messy Cathedral event is a brilliant idea! It provides the opportunity to showcase Messy Church in the region, it helps to enlighten people who may be thinking about starting their own Messy Church and it can also encourage those who are already involved in a Messy Church, not forgetting the joy of taking part in a Messy Church together in a high-profile building.

Messy Evangelism

This guide is to highlight the importance of sharing Christian faith in Messy Church.

Messy Twinning

This guide is to show you the positives of twinning with another Messy Church and how you might put it into practise. 

How to engage teenagers

Here are ways to help your Messy Churches feel more all-age rather than directed just at younger children.

Liturgy and Messy Church

Here are ways of exploring and growing liturgy that make sense in a Messy setting.