Messy research

Research and reports from the Messy Church team on various topics.

Can Messy Church Work Anywhere? Social deprivation report

Research into Messy Churches in areas of social deprivation within the UK

Research into Messy Churches in Schools in the UK

Throughout 2013 the Messy Church Team in the UK has been exploring some of the challenges and advantages of running Messy Churches in schools. Early in the year a questionnaire was sent out to over 50 Messy Churches registered on the website who stated that they met in their local primary or secondary school. In addition, there have been visits to a number of Messy Churches which run in schools in order to talk to leaders, their teams and those who are part of the new congregations.

Helpful research for planning a Messy Church

One Messy Church conducted some research to find out the best time for a new Messy Church to start. You can see the results of the research (PDF), and you can download the interview sheet for yourself to modify (Word document).