Messy research

Research and reports from the Messy Church team on various topics.

‘Is Messy Church, Church?’ – Dissertation by Martin Skipworth

Martin Skipworth has written a dissertation all about Messy Church! Martin draws on the Messy Church values, both Biblical and historical definitions of church, as well as modern conceptions of church such as those outlined by Fresh Expressions. In doing so, he explores whether Messy Church can be regarded as church or if it is better conceived as another form of Christian community. Martin highlights and praises the distinctive space that Messy Church occupies and his work makes an interesting read. To read his dissertation download the PDF.  

Research into Messy Churches in Schools in the UK

Throughout 2013 the Messy Church Team in the UK has been exploring some of the challenges and advantages of running Messy Churches in schools. Early in the year a questionnaire was sent out to over 50 Messy Churches registered on the website who stated that they met in their local primary or secondary school. In addition, there have been visits to a number of Messy Churches which run in schools in order to talk to leaders, their teams and those who are part of the new congregations.