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One-off complete session outlines for Messy Churches.

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Toilet Twinning Messy Church session

It’s funny how something as earthy and humble as a toilet can be the basis for thinking about God’s limitless love for his people! God’s love longs for the best life possible for every human being. He made us as beings whose spirituality is inextricably linked to our bodies: our relationship with him and with each other, our worship, our well-being – these all work in bodily ways as well as in the realms of the soul or spirit. 

Drop Everything - a Messy Church session for Rural Mission Sunday

A new Messy Church session for Rural Mission Sunday 2019, created in collaboration with Germinate.

Prayers for times of change

These activities are designed to help pray through and for times of change. They can be used on their own or alongside other activities. Reconnecting love (download PDF) Join up a fractured paper heart and ask God to heal the broken world.

Messy Church Southwark Splash

Dunk, splash, ripple… At Southwark Splash on 19 January, we were reminded of some of the sounds that might have been heard as John the Baptist baptised Jesus in the River Jordan, before Bishop Karowei baptised three young Christians. Download the materials they used, which might be helpful if you are thinking of running a similar event.

Messy Church sessions themes

This is a comprehensive list of Messy Church sessions. Some are freely available on the website and some are from our paid books and resources.

Wesley's Wise Words

A Messy Church session about John Wesley, by Christine Slatcher. Download

Messy wedding

With the royal wedding approaching fast and stories coming in of upcoming Messy weddings, the Messy Church team has put together a session on weddings, based on the wedding at Cana in John 2. Download

Messy Palm Sunday

We've had lots of requests about Palm Sunday activities for Messy Church, particularly through our Facebook page. Palm Sunday is a feast that celebrates Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem; there were palm leaves and coats on the ground which certainly sounds very Messy!

Messy Unfrozen

The popular Disney film Frozen has prompted quite a few Messy Churches to consider the Christian themes and values of the story about Real love. After many requests for help with ideas on Frozen themes we can now offer you a resource with  twelve activities including Bible verses, craft links, photographs and a short Celebration Time message with a creative prayer. Let us know how this resource works for you! Enjoy Sven cake decorating, sensory play, sock Olafs, troll potatoes and much more. With Jesus you are not frozen but unfrozen! 

SEND Messy Church Christmas Session

A session for Christmas sent in by Trish Hahn, SEND Coordinator for Messy Church Messy Church SEND Christmas Session Aim To enjoy Messy Sensory Fun & Fellowship at Christmas Food Christmas Buffet