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Alaskan Sheep trail!

Pastor Sandra Rudd, Sitka Lutheran Church - 16 Dec 2015

Update from Pastor Sandra Rudd at the Sitka Lutheran Church in Alaska

'Here is the information to encourage others: 

In our small town of Sitka, Alaska, we have had a Messy Church Nativity Sheep Trail in the shops along the main street. Last summer I asked one of our church members to buy up stuffed lambs so she went to garage sales (rummage/boot sales). She came back with nine sheep. At the November Messy Church the kids named all the sheep and tied the same red and white ribbon around each. The next week I went to the stores along our main street and found a home for each one. The store-owners that said "yes" were enthusiastic! (The ones that said, "no" were very sure they did not want to participate, but I (the pastor), met some new people and had good conversations.)

During our Messy Church Christmas on December 16th there will be a prize drawing for a small nativity set. There will also be a prize drawing for all the shops who participated.

I look forward to seeing who will show up for our December Messy Church.'

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