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Good Shepherd hits Stanborough

- 09 Mar 2013

A jolly email from Lucinda Calvert in Stanborough - her enthusiasm shines through. And the loyalty card idea is a good one, though I hope (speaking as one who is remarkably fond of and motivated by gifts) the adults get one too.

'... Just wanted to share our opening Messy Church experience with you. Our theme was "I am the Good Shepherd" and we had a turn-out of over 80 kids and 50 adults. We were astounded by the amount of people who had attended and this was only advertised at our local school and church. We started with registration at 15h45 and kids assigned a loyalty card - after every third visit they get a gift. We engaged with different crafts from sheep plate to hand print and sheep treasure hunt and we ended with a rousing praise and worship and story and every one joined us for dinner of shepherds pie and vegetables with lamb-shaped cookies.'

God really blessed and we are looking forward to our next one 17th October 2009...'