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Hamilton Christmas Sheep Trail

Ros Henwood, Famiilyzone - 03 Jan 2015
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The climax of our Sheep Trail was the Prize Draw at our Carol Service. We pulled an Asian boy's name out of the bag - and he ran forward to choose his sheep. Over mulled punch afterwards we heard his story. He had come home after our school assembly and told his Mum they 'had' to do the sheep trail. Mum was not best pleased - she has a full time job at Tesco, and not all the sheep were easy to track down. But they managed to find all 12 sheep, and posted the answer sheet into the box in the library. Then the boy insisted they go to the carol service. Mum said in exasperation, 'But nothing good ever happens to us. We never win anything.' Anyway they turned up at the carol service and the boy's name was pulled out. God is good at lotteries!