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Recovered sheep rehomed

Messy Church at Tottington Methodist Church, Tottington, Bury - 15 Jan 2015

We did the Sheep Trail round our village shops in the week up to our Carol Service. 18 sheep went into 16 shops. The shopkeepers were invited to the service and the families who did the Trail. Everyone involved enjoyed it. One shop had customers wanting to buy the sheep. The butcher was made to promise the sheep would come to no harm in his care. The florist loved being part of a fun community event. The travel agent had never seen so many in and out of his shop. One shopkeeper came to the service with her children.

Several families we had never seen before came too. We involved the sheep in the service and told the story visually as well as in carols. The sheep were given to the children in the service who had done the Trail. We visited the shops again on the Tuesday after the service with Christmas cards from the congregation and to thank them for being part of our first Trail. We hope to follow this up with an Easter Trail and build on the goodwill and interest this has caused. Thank you for a great idea.