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Shrove Tuesday

- 07 Mar 2012

From Amy Borruso

We had a ton of fun for Mardi Gras at St. Timothy's in Fairfield CT. THe kids ran a traditional Shrove Tuesday pancake relay race. We used frozen pancakes and ran a team relay race outside, flipping pancakes ina frying pan and handing off to the next teammate!

Inside, we created mini Mardi Gras floats out of shoeboxes. We covered shoe boxes with colored paper and decorated them New Orleans style with beads, feathers, plastic gold coins, gems and stickers. We also decorated Mardi Gras Masks. Once we were done creating, we had a parade with floats and masks around the parish hall, to the tunes of New Orleans Jazz music of course.

Then time for our pancake supper. The Men's group cooked pancakes and sausages ofr us. To really get messy, our dessert was chocolate fondue (fruit, pretzels and marshmallows for dipping!). We always close with a causal communion, with pita bread and grape juice. This time, as a devotional, we discussed the meaning of lent, looking inward, and sacrfice, sharing what we might give up for lent.

It was a fun Messy Church!