Suggestions for returning safely to Messy Church together

Many Messy Churches are wondering about meeting face-to-face again after many months apart.

We wanted to provide you with a suggested approach to how you might hold Messy Church in a world which is still suffering hugely from the effects of Covid-19. But please note: it is important to comply with government guidelines and the advice given by your denomination. Please consider this document simply as a starting place for planning offered by sympathetic Messy Church friends who are in no way medical experts.

Can there be any other documents relating to Covid-19 safety that contain the word 'ooze'?

We hope it's helpful. 

Download the document

Download the fillable risk assessment

You can also view advice specific to the Church of Scotland here.

Sheep in four panels: 1) Please sanitise your hooves (or your hands); 2) Please wear a face covering... unless you're 10 or under... or unless you're medically exempt; 3) Please stay in your sheep pens. You have all the resources you need. Use your 'Please help' sign if you need anything; 4) No singing at the moment BUT... we would love you to join in with the actions in a song

Comic by Emy Buxton, reposted with permission