Be intergenerationally encouraged!

A lovely story of hope today from Alison on the Silver team:

Facebook Live from Johannah Myers on Stones of Help

Johannah Myers, from South Carolina USA, led the Facebook Live on 10 June 2020. She writes: I’m in a part of the world where things are opening back up – including churches. In fact, we’re planning to start back with in-person worship this week. It’s very scary. And it’s very different! One of the changes that will be hardest for many of us is that we won’t be singing together any time soon. I’m not sure if I know how to be Methodist if I can’t sing!

Exploring Messy Values - All-age

How do we demonstrate all-togetherness when we are all-apart? Summary of the Facebook Live with Martyn Payne, 6 May 2020

Messy Values Colouring Sheets

We're very grateful to Messy Church New Zealand and Annalies Berends for sharing these beautiful colouring sheets on the Messy Church values from the New Zealand Messy Church Conference in 2020. There's a colouring sheet and bookmark for each value plus a 'compilation' sheet of all the values in one big festive explosion and a sheet of all the bookmarks on one page. Download colouring sheets

Mini Messy Church

Recently, we’ve been receiving a few requests from churches wondering whether it is okay for them to call what they are doing ‘Mini Messy Church’, and this has got us thinking as a team. Is the idea of Mini Messy Church a really great idea, or is it something that actually goes against the values of Messy Church?

Discipleship Pilot: the 'just do it better' bit

Discipleship Pilot: ‘Doing what we do even better’ As the third of three blogs on our Discipleship Pilot, this blog explores what we mean by just ‘doing what we do better’.

Discipleship Pilot: the ‘Messy Extras’ bit

The second blog post of three expanding a little on the Messy Church Discipleship Pilot. Yes, we’re hoping to tempt you into giving the Pilot a try in your Messy Church and sending us the results. That way we can gradually help the wider network know which are the most helpful ways to do discipleship in our marvellously Messy context.

Discipleship Pilot: the 'faith at home' bit

I hope by now you’ve seen the easy-to-use Discipleship Pilot we’ve created for Messy Churches. It’s a simple and straightforward tool to get your team talking about what you might do to make and grow disciples in your Messy Church. In this short blog, I’ll focus on the first suggestion in it: that of making disciples by encouraging families to do faith in their homes. In following blogs, we’ll look at the other suggestions.


We've been getting excited about grandparents recently. Maybe it's because Jane and Martyn are now both grandparents themselves, but more likely we've always been fascinated by the unique relationship between older people and younger ones - whether they are related or not. My own children benefited hugely from the church family of surrogate grandparents as they were growing up, when their own grandparents lived a long way away.

Messy Togetherness: Being intergenerational in Messy Church

by Martyn Payne A look at the intergenerational approach in Messy Church.  Buy now Sample pages