Liturgical Commission

I was really chuffed to be invited to have a conversation with the Church of England Liturgical Commission about liturgy in Messy Church. As you know, we have interesting issues around the prescribed wording in the Anglican Church for use in services like Holy Communion, Baptism or Confirmation at Messy Churches. The conversation was a really useful and positive one, with a great amount of appreciation of what Messy Church is doing and the way it's doing it.

Baptism conversation

Lesley (during end notices after a great fun Messy Church last week): Anyone like to consider christening, baptism for anyone in their family? Have a word with one of us! Mum: Ooh, that sounds good. We could get the kids done. Lucy: We could do it in Messy Church if you like, as that's the church you come to. Mum: But would it be real? Lucy: Yes! This is church just as much as church on Sunday! Mum: Oh. That would be really nice. How much would it cost?

Bishops and liturgy

Can any Anglicans help? I'm compiling data about Anglican liturgy in Messy Church and would be very grateful to hear of any examples of bishops who have used Common Worship in a Messy Church context: baptism, confirmation or communion in particular.


by Jane Carter At a Baptism within a Messy Church service I adapted the Christingle for baptism. Everyone made one of these.